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The company that I have been studying in this Task is ECsoft (European Community Soft).

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R.1 Introduction R.1.1 Background of the company The company that I have been studying in this Task is ECsoft (European Community Soft). ECsoft is an independent IT consultancy and systems integrator that operates internationally. ECsoft is a PLC (public limited company), and they have shareholders. Therefore the owners of ECsoft are the shareholders. The managing director's name is Steve Leegood. ECsoft provides IT services and solutions for many of Europe's top 500 companies private and public sector organisations. ECsoft creates a project, when the company wants one, around an application for a company and implements solutions to improve the company's profitability. They basically do custom programming. Therefore the main aim, for the company is solving a problem to improve a company's profitability. The services that ECsoft provide are a range of business and technical skills in depth of the market area. The main markets are financial services, retail, media /publishing, public sector, telecommunications, travel and transportation and manufacturing. This is a general background of the company * ECsoft's principal operations are in the UK and Scandinavia. The company is based in Berkhamsted. * In July 1994 ECsoft started. * In December 1996 ECsoft floated on Nasdaq. * In June 1998 ECsoft floated at a valuation of �190.7m. ECsoft use IT for two main reasons, internal and external. The use of IT is important internally because it helps to run the business, the infrastructure, communication is easier and sharing knowledge. It is, in addition, important externally as it is easier to work for a client since the work can be coordinated. This means that the communication and organisation is better with the use of IT. Other benefits of IT to the business are that there is a vast storage capacity, and it is easier to backup your work, or in this case a project that you are doing. Also it attracts other companies because it improves their company image. ...read more.


that it works, backup the old software, install it and then run it The software is maintained with maintenance agreements with suppliers. In the maintenance agreements they usually agree to come and fix problems within a certain time. ECsoft make sure that they do not get into a major problem that the maintenance agreement does not state, so they do not have to come and fix the problem, by maintaining software. R.3.4 Administrative Tasks Each team member has responsibilities for completing the administration relevant to their role. The company has various peripherals including printers, monitors, scanners, and storage devices. The peripheral that needs most maintenance is the printers as they are heavily used and have many moving parts. The duties requires for printer maintenance include: changing paper in or adding paper to the printer, monitoring paper supply, removing paper jams, changing printer ribbons or toners, cleaning paper heads and cleaning the printer when needed. The tasks are not managed by anyone. The employers do things themselves, for example they will remove paper jams, etc. If they have a big problem they would then ask the help desk to help them. It is no ones specific job to manage the peripherals, such as the printers. A replacement of the system, whether being a printer or scanner, is given when they are maintaining it. R.3.5 File Management In ECsoft all the files are owned by the user (more often than not the creator of the file). At the moment they do not implement disc quotas but the could if they wanted to. Managing huge files is not an issue for ECsoft. It is not a problem managing files as they do not have huge files, however they do have big folders with many files, but this is not a problem to have a big folder as it is much easier to move. All the files are managed via the fileserver admin tools. ...read more.


There is no recommendation I would make about the Support of the system. Upgrading The good aspects of the system in the Upgrading section are: > Upgrade what? - Because they are upgraded by imaging, which is when one machine is bought and set up exactly how they want it to be and then loaded onto a disk which is then put onto the new system > Reports - the procedure for the reports is to evaluate the systems, justify for spending money, and to include an evaluation of its age, value and whether it needs to be upgraded or replaced The limitations of the system in the Upgrading section are: > Installing or Upgrading - because they do not have a plan for installing or upgrading The recommendation I would make about the Upgrading is that there should be a plan for all the hardware and software. Hardware and Software Implementation There are no good aspects about the hardware and software implementation. The recommendation I would make about the hardware and software implementation is that there should be a requirement for training when there is a new software or hardware implemented. Social, Ethical and Moral Issues The good aspects of the system in the Social, Ethical and Moral Issues section are: > Social and Moral and Ethical Issues - this is because they are given good advice on what to do and not to do > The misuse of acts - this is good because they have enough licences for the software that they use The limitations of the system in the Social, Ethical and Moral Issues section are: > Issues of privacy - this is because they do not have any procedures to make sure that they comply with the data protection act The recommendation I would make about the Social, Moral and Ethical Issues is that they should have some procedure to make sure that they comply with the data protection act. Network Map of ECsoft AS-Level Information and Communication Technology Coursework (Task 1) Report Rahul Shah Page 1 ...read more.

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