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The Great Linux-vs-NT Debate

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The Great Linux-vs-NT Debate Philosophy Linux * Free access to all aspects of the systems. * Free software and free support. * Simply a matter of choice and personal preference. NT * Limited to what Microsoft thinks you need * Pay for everything. * You are extremely limited in how you can figure your system. If it was not forseen my Microsoft, the only way is to buy a compiler and make programmatic changes. This assumes that you can even find where the changes need to be made. Linux as well as most of the associate programs were designed by people for themselves. They had a particular need and developed something to solve the need for themselves. There was no "marketing strategy" behind the products, such solving a problem. Things were made simple to use, as compared to looking "pretty" because the developers wanted functionality and were not trying to sell it. In addition, since the programs are designed and programmed by the actual users, there is a very strong motivation to get it right and correct problems quickly (as they have the same problem themselves.) ...read more.


The claim by Microsoft is that these are unrelated and "it is impossible to use this unique identifier to determine which PC user created any given document. The Office 97 identifier is unrelated to the Windows registration process, and these two numbering systems never converge. " Since both are based on the MAC address of your Ethernet card both parts of that statement are not true. First, if you are registered with Microsoft using Windows 98 and create a document using MS-Word 97 there is an immediate 1:1 association between your registration information and that Word document. Less than ten minutes before I wrote this, I created a word document. The unique identifier is: { 6 1 C D A 9 E 0 - E 1 4 F - 1 1 D 2 - A F C 4 - 0 0 A 0 2 4 A 1 F 2 A A } The MAC address on my Ethernet card is 0 0 A 0 2 4 A 1 F 2 A A. This has also been verified by several other sources, so it cannot be a coincidence. ...read more.


* I have recently installed a couple of Microsoft products and Internet Explorer 4.0 was still installed without asking. In addition, IE 4.0 was made the default browser/view for htm, html, and related files, without asking. One product required "Microsoft Messaging" and without asking it screwed up my email. * Microsoft Word and other MS-Ofice applications force the path to the group templates to be the UNC name (i.e. \\server\share\directory) despite inputing the drive letter path (i.e p:\directory). In the logon script, specific shares are connected to specific drives so it is uniform across the company. When we moved the directory containing the templates to a new server, we did not change the drive letter, but the UNC pointed to the wrong server. Total cost of owning NT went up because of having to make the changes on hundreds of machines by hand. 1Someone told me that it did not make sense to want bullet list to be a heading. Whether it makes sense or not is opinion, and I can if I want according to the HTML spec. What if you want the headings to be numbered? MS knows better and forces the formatting to the way it "thinks is best." ...read more.

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