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The potential risks that are involved when organisations implant a new IT system are

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Q1 The potential risks that are involved when organisations implant a new IT system are electric shock, loss of data, compatibility issues, loss of services, security and computer crashes. The company can offset the potential risks involved in implementing new information technology by having electrical equipments tested by an election, backing up all electronic data and store backups in a fireproof safe. Having a contingency plan in place helps business, governments and councils in case of something going wrong then it can help to recover from serious incidents reducing the time spent on resolving the issues or problems with minimum costs and disruptions. Employing IT Specialist to be on hand encase of an emergency, will also pick the company back up. High level security measures both electronically and physically can help prevent and mishaps and systems loss of data. ...read more.


Existing employees could have their work pattern disrupted by the amount of work load could increase, and for some lucky employees decrease. There could be a change of role so some employees will need retraining, this may not be down to qualification, but adapting to the new surroundings and new systems. Some employees will have longer hours or have to work nights; this could lead to strain on social life and most properly home life. Employees may need to change location; this again has a huge stress especially employees who have families and young children who are in the most important time in their education, employees will not want to travel miles every day to get to and from work, so some employees may resign or even not go into work and then the organisation will have to pay more to employee more staff, however the organisation will be paying for employees travel expenses. ...read more.


The benefits of using this software are that it changes in market and the business is alerted immediately. There are also special tools to help others to understand the market. Decision support software helps with the decisions using raw data and personal knowledge and also documents. The main factors of DSS are that it compares the weekly sales on a weekly basis. It views the projectective revenue (which plays an important part in any business) the business may achieve on the basis of sales. This really useful software helps any business it increases organisational control over threats and files Q4) Assess the short term and long term effects on the council as a result of implementing the IT changes Development Short Term Long term Comment Website Easy access for customers and clients. Easy access to information ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Waters Task 3 - Risks 1 OF 2 ...read more.

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