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The telephone one of the best.

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The telephone one of the best. The telephone is one of the most used inventions ever invented. It is used world wide connecting people from one side of the world to the other side. They send speech over long distances by using electric currents, laser light or radio waves. The telephone was invented in 1876 by a Scottish engineer called Alexander Graham Bell who lived from 1847-1922. He had been working in the United States on improving the telegraph, which used Morse code which used dotes and dashes to send the messages to other users but it was limited, but so were the early phones. ...read more.


Modern telephone systems change the varying electrical signal of older phones into a digital signal made up of electrical pulses that are handled by computerized exchanges, getting rid of the old fashioned mechanical ones of lots of people playing with wires. A telephone handset works with a mouthpiece and an earpiece, so you've got something to speak into and something to listen to, the telephone. When a caller speaks into the mouthpiece the sound waves produced by their voice hits the diaphragm, a thin metal disc in the mouthpiece making it vibrate. This pushes agenised carbon grains, making an electrical current that copies the sound wave. ...read more.


The fibre-optic cable can carry thousands of calls at once. Mobile phone use microwave radio frequencies to connect to nearby transceivers, which transmit and receive calls in a network. The new technology is becoming even more useful and a lot more compacted like the use of 3G, which is sending video as well as sound so you can see and speak to the other person over the mobile phone. I really do think that the phone was one of the best inventions ever made. And thanks to Alexander Graham Bell we can all keep in touch by speaking and not using the old and a lot harder to use telegraph, which used Morse code. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is basic on the areas which are mentioned. However there is a section (mobile phones) which is missing out of the report, and what is written is quite basic and it's clear that the student doesn't ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is basic on the areas which are mentioned. However there is a section (mobile phones) which is missing out of the report, and what is written is quite basic and it's clear that the student doesn't fully understand the usage of telephones/mobile phones. The report gives a benefit, but effective description of how telephones can into use and how these were created/developed over time. The report does seem to jump from telephones to mobile phones using fibre-optic lines. I believe that there is quite a large chunk missing off the report, as there haven't included the part of how mobile phones came into use and how these are used.

Level of analysis

The report states how a telephone works by a person speaking and listening on a device, known as an telephone. This is quite good, as this is quite detailed and gives a good description. The last paragraph, I believe is in-correct. As Alex Bell created the first form of a telephone, however this has been developed and changed drastically, and this doesn't make scene to only credit one person for this. The report could include 'In addition, there are a number of companies which developed this technology, such as Sony, Nokia and Apple.'.

Quality of writing

The report states the term '3G', however this isn't explained or defined. All technical terms will need to be described, to allow the examiner to have a clear understanding of the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 01/03/2012

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