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User Guide

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User Guide Contents Page Number Section Heading Page 03 Intended User and Skill Level Page 03 System Requirements Page 04 Installation Guide Page 05 Getting Started Page 06 Using the System Page 10 Backing Up The System Page 10 Printing a Document Page 11 Frequently Asked Questions Intended User and Skill Level Name of Company: Mastercare (division of Dixons PLC) Area of company where system is needed: Service Engineers, Office Staff Job titles of prospective users: Electrical Engineers, Customer Service Advisor Computer skills of users: The computer skills of the users of the system are adequate enough to utilize the system without the need of any training other than being shown how the system works and a user manual to refer to when problems occur during use of the system. The office staff and the engineers that will be using the new system have basic computer skills that include previous work using database, word processing and spreadsheet packages to a non-advanced level. The users who will operate the new system have some experience of data input as it has been used frequently for a long time but they have no experience of advanced database programming. System Requirements The following system requirements are the minimum requirements that will enable the software and the system to run on a computer. Although these are the minimum requirements to run the system, it is recommended that your computer system will exceed these requirements as that ...read more.


This form is shown below. This form is used to enter the supplier's information which you will need when ordering new stock and editing the current stock in the database. The "SupplierID" box is produced automatically. The "Telephone Number" box is set out so that the correct layout for a telephone number is used. You will not be able to enter an invalid telephone number into this box. A layout is also used for the "Post Code" box which has the same affect. All fields in this form are required to have data entered in them before moving on. The six buttons at the bottom of the form are the same as all of the other data entry forms that have been previously mentioned. If you click "Back to Main Form" and then click "Stock" you will be navigated to the stock form. This form is shown below. This form is used to enter the stock information which you will need when ordering new items of stock and creating a job an invoice for you and the customer. The "StockID" box is produced automatically. From the "SupplierID" combo box, you should select the relevant Supplier that the new item of stock is associated with. "Stock Quantity" has a range check validation where you must enter a value greater or equal to 0. ...read more.


Q- I cannot open the system. A - If you are using a short-cut to open the system, try opening it from the directory that you installed the system into. If you still can't open the system, either use the back-up copy of it or restart your computer and try again. Q- It isn't printing any of the data that I want to print. A- Make sure that the printer is connected to the computer and that it is turned on. If it still doesn't print, try consulting your printer manual. Q- When I try to open the system it says 'Windows cannot find the file'. A- Revert back to the backed up copy of the system and install it like you did previously. Q- When I try to open the USB device with the system in it I get an error message stating the device cannot be found. A- Remove the USB device and then try entering it again. If you still have problems try entering it into a different USB slot. If that doesn't work, restart your computer and try again. Q- The system is not accepting my password. A- Make sure that you are typing it in correctly and check to make sure the caps lock isn't on as the password is case sensitive. If it doesn't let you in, ask the administrator to change your password. If he cant enter, use the contact details below to get in touch. ?? ?? ?? ?? Phil Taylor ICT Coursework Page 1 of 11 ...read more.

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