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Uses of ICT in Varndean

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The Uses of I.C.T in Varndean Varndean use ICT in all areas of the company such as finance, sales and operations. Here is what they all need, what hardware is needed, what software is needed to help the company to do what it does, quickly and easily. Sales What information is needed? The information that is needed for sales at Varndean is the prices of the products and the customer's needs. They need to know the prices of the products because then you can check with other suppliers, whether or not you are over charging people. You also need to know what the customer wants, because if you sell them the totally wrong type of software, then you won't make much money because people who have had the wrong products delivered will not be very happy and will just find a different company to get them. What hardware is used? The hardware that is used in sales at Varndean are mice, keyboards, 17" flat panel monitors, computers with Pentium 4 processors, Windows 2003 server, digital still camera, an old dot matrix printer and a projector. The computers are used to send out information to potential buyers so that they can see what you have to sell. The digital still camera (via USB 2.0 card) is needed to take pictures of the products, so that you can add pictures to the website, flyers and posters. ...read more.


What software is used? The software that is used in purchasing at Varndean is Sage Accounts software, which is used to keep track of who the suppliers are and what they have bought from them. It can also keep track of the VAT returns and bank reconciliations, which shows them how much money they have going in, from the software they have sold and how much is being spent from the bank, and shows them if they are making any profit or not. How do they help? They all help purchasing by making it easier to purchase the objects that are needed for the software, so that it is a smoother operation to run, and it makes it quicker as well. The hardware helps the purchasing department by making peoples jobs easier. Rather than doing everything over the phone, they can use the Internet to email clients. Also, emailing clients is a lot easier because it doesn't involve any paperwork, which could get lost or ruined, and makes the office a tidier place, so it is easier to find everything that you need, because it is all organised. Finance What information is needed? The information that is need for finance at Varndean is that they need to know about the company's financial status, to know if they are making any profit or whether they are going into debt. ...read more.


Also they could use a digital still camera (via USB 2.0 card) to put picture of the software onto the website. What software is used? At Varndean, they use three main types of software, they include Macromedia Dreamwaver, Macromedia Authorware and Microsoft Access. Macromedia Dreamwaver is used to create their web pages for the website, this is useful because they make 80% of their business through the website. Macromedia Authorware is used to create their interactive resources that they sell to other schools. Microsoft Access is used to create a database tracking programs that can be used to keep track of student progress when they use the interactive products. They also use a piece of software called Microsoft Active Server Pages, this technology allows WebPages to talk to the database which means that what the user sees is different every time. How do they help? They all help operations because without all of the hardware and software, they wouldn't be able to run the business because they create their own software. The hardware also helps operations by making their jobs easier to do, because without a computer, it would take ages to find a piece of info, but when it is stored on a computer it is easier to find, because the computer keeps everything organised. Macromedia Authorware helps them to make the software by allowing them to create e-learning packages, which contain sound, pictures and videos that they can then sell to schools that are interested in buying e-learning packages. ...read more.

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