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What the business does and how it works to just give the examiner a rough idea. I will then have to design and produce a database for the business to use in their day to day work

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GCSE I.C.T Coursework Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 OUTLINE OF THE BUSINESS THAT I WILL BE BASING MY PROJECT ON. 2 QUESTIONNAIRE 4 SPECIFICATION 6 INPUT: 6 OUTPUT: 6 PROCESSING: 6 DESIGN FOR MY GCSE PROJECT 8 VALIDATION AND VERIFICATION 9 TABLES OF DATA 11 CUSTOMERS 11 STAFF 11 JOBS 12 HARDWARE 14 INPUT DEVICES 14 OUTPUT DEVICES 14 PROCESSING 15 SOFTWARE 15 Introduction For my GCSE I.C.T coursework I have been asked to approach a business and find out about them. Once this has been done I have to outline what the business does and how it works to just give the examiner a rough idea. I will then have to design and produce a database for the business to use in their day to day work. Once finished the completed piece will have to be tested and commented on, comparing it to how I planned it to be in my design. There are many different things that I will have to think about when designing and producing my database. These are: > Will the project be easy to read and understand, enabling the examiner to mark it correctly. > What type of data will be stored in the database and how much of it there will be? > Whether different users should have access to all of the data or if they do should they be able to edit it. > Will my database be user friendly or will people have to be trained to be able to use it. > Will the database comply with the specifications set before the designing stage of the project. > How smoothly will the database run and is there a high chance of something going wrong. Outline of the Business that I will be basing my Project on. The company that I have chosen to do for my I.C.T GCSE coursework is called 'Philip Dadds Architect and Associates'. ...read more.


they doing enough work, how can you make them work harder, do you need to keep them on or are they not needed. Processing: The processing that the business would have to do is that they would have to sort and search. The kind of sorting that they would have to do is: * Category of job: jobs could be put into categories of size, location, cost, type (renovation, development or new build). * Client's jobs: what jobs are with which clients, what is there biggest or latest job. * Uses of sorting: it would make certain jobs easier to find, do not have to scroll through large lists to find a job. Design for my GCSE Project The program that I used to draw my design is called Chartist and is made by Novagraph. This program was particularly good for the job because it enabled you to put boxes in a blank screen whereever you wanted and to join them together with arrows. Validation and Verification When an electronic form is filled you will always have to do validation checks to try and make sure that the person has filled in truthful data or that they have not made a mistake when entering the data. The seven different types of validation checks are: 1. Range Check: this check is where data is checked to see if it falls between a certain set of limitations e.g. when you ask someone to fill in their age you set the range to be between 0 and 130 years old. If it is out of these limitations then the person is likely to have been lying. 2. Presence Check: this check is where things are checked to actually be filled in. For example if you ask someone to fill in their surname, you want to check that they have actually put an answer down and not just left it blank. ...read more.


The printer will also hopefully be able to print out invoices straight from the database. The type of printer that I hope to be used with the database is a colour laser printer. I want this because even though I want the pages to be in colour so that they please the customer more, I also want the printer to be fast so that the business is not held up by it. It will be useful to have a printer that is quite fast when reports are being printed out because they may consist of quite a few pages. The speakers could possibly be used to let people know if they have made a mistake or when the database starts up a sound could appear, just as when 'Microsoft Widows' opens and a short tune is played. Processing The computer that the program has to run on will need to be able to process the reports that the database entails. It will need to have sufficient 'ram' to store the amount of data contained in the database. The computer will also need quite a fast processor so that the data can be retrieved and saved quickly. A fast processor will also enable the reports to done quickly. The computer doesn't actually have to have a fast processor, but it will mean that if there is a slow processor in the computer then the reports and data retrieval will be slower. All in all the speed of the processor is just for a matter of convenience. Software To run and use the database you will need certain pieces of software. The main piece of software that will be needed will be Microsoft Access (at least the 1997 version). This is the program in which I am building my database and will be needed to run it. Another piece of software that will be needed to use this database will be is a printing program. This is not necessarily needed to run the database but will come in handy when a report is wanted to be printed out. Joe Luther 11 He Ict ...read more.

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