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Advantages of the jury system

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´╗┐Advantages of jury A jury is used in the Crown Court only when the Defendant pleads not guilty. The jury plays three roles in criminal cases which are : Spilt Function: In this the trial is overseen by the judge and the jury, there functions are divided as the judge looks over and decides the points of law and the jury decides the fact.At the end the judge has the power to exonerate the defendant if its decided by him.This is generally called direct acquittal and is applied on 10 % of the cases.If the trial is to continue the judge may order the jury to consider the guilt and innocence of the defendant in a private room and make decision for athe accused in secret.The judge may or may not agree to the juries verdict but must accept it any way and juries do not give any explainations for their decision. ...read more.


This function is applied to lower the fear of jury 'nobbling',i. e juries may be sometimes bribed from the side of the victim to be proved not guilty,it was found that i the method including jury trial many of the defendants were given aquittal which could in some cases be jury 'nobbling'. Secrecy: The jury discussion is done in a private room in secret and hence there can be no inquiry or argument as to why or how has it reached a certain verdict.Under the section 8 of Contempt of court act 1981, if anyone makes a disclosure of any statement or argument happened inside the room ,it will be a criminal offence.This section was brought because many newsapers were ready to pay the jurors for the story behind their verdict. ...read more.


to come to a final verdict, they are n't even asked for reasons for their verdict and it is possible for them to decide case on the idea of 'fairness' ,this is sometimes referred to as jury equity. The open system of jury is a big advantage as the public is involved in the process justice is seen to be done.As the jury takes place in the jury room no one can interfere in the process.They don't need to give explainations for their verdict . The jury is free from all the pressure of the public in their discussion they are protected from other outside influences when they decide the verdict,in this way the jury can bring out unpopular verdicts with the public and jurors have the freedom to ignore the strict letter of the law. ...read more.

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