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Civil case of injury, 5,000 in civil justice system

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Civil justice system As this case is a civil case it will obviously be the civil justice system that will deal with as well as millions of other cases every year. The civil justice system is designed so that it can resolve disputes between individuals and organisations. This system deals with many different types of case like negligence, breach of contract, defamation and many other different types of cases. These days the civil justice system deals with every cases justly. This means that both of the parties involved are to be on equal footing and to save expense. Each case must have a appropriate amount of time and resouces alotted to it . This helps the court to deal with the cases justly. There are many more issues that make sure each case can be dealt with justly. ...read more.


Naseem has been involved and injured in a car accident. Explain the civil court process and the role of the judge in his court claim for damages of �5000. In this case Naseem would be the claimant as he is bringing a case against the person who injured him, They would be the defendant. The first thing Naseem would have to do would be fill in a claim form. Before a case goes to court the claimant and defendant are encouraged to resolve the issues out of court by an out of court settlement. But if the parties can't do this then they may want to take the matter to court. Most proceedings begin with this form. By sending this form to the defendant he would be letting them know he is considering legal proceedings. ...read more.


Naseem would have to prove that whoever injured him was in that place at that time and it was their fault. Once all the evidence by both parties had been given it would be up to the judge to come to a final decision. As in the county court the judge will decide the outcome as jurys are rarely used. So the role of the judge is very important as the decision lies with them and nobody else. The judge may make the decision that the defendant pay the claimant the �5000 or maybe less. If either of the parties is not happy with the outcome and the decision that has ben given they may appeal the case. But they must have a good reason to do so. This is the route that Naseem would have to take if he were to sue the other driver for personal injury in the civil justice system. ...read more.

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