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Decriminalize Prostitution

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Decriminalize Prostitution Introduction Every now and then, and almost in every part of the world, we hear of looked- down and probably the most discriminated men and women in the society-we call them prostitutes. I say looked-down and discriminated since it is undeniable that society frowns at this group of people, for looking at it in the moral perspective, prostitution may be morally wrong. Yet, the society looks at them like criminals, worse than just morally flawed people. It would be better if we probe into the issue starting on how it is defined and how it works. Eventually, let's try to weigh down things and see that prostitution really is not a punishable act as that of a crime, and that there are no legal justifications to consider it as one. Prostitution: Its Definition and How it Works Legally speaking, prostitution is a term that "generally means the commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary considerations or other thing of value" (Prostitution Law and Legal Definition, 2005). Prostitutes may either be male or female, young or old who engages in any sexual or sexually related activity in exchange for money most commonly, or of other valuable things. In most places however, prostitutes are commonly female, of male customers or clients (Legal Definition, 2005). ...read more.


It would also bestow the government the power to control it. Teen exploitation will be minimized, health safety concerns will be eased and sexual violence against women will be lessened. Both the customer and the prostitute would benefit with the legalization, in addition, it would save a lot of dollars for the government (Liberator, 2004). Prostitution in Nevada Only one state in the US is prostitution allowed, and that is Nevada. But not everywhere in Nevada, only in some counties. By state law, prostitution is illegal for counties which exceed a certain number in its population. Counties that pass this requirement may or may not have brothels. It is only in licensed brothels where you can meet the kind of lady you'd like to spend the night away (Nevada Legal Prostitution FAQ, n.d.). Legal Conditions Under Nevada law, any county with a population of less than 400,000 is allowed to license brothels, if so chooses. Prostitution and brothels are illegal in Carson City, Douglas County, Lincoln County and Washoe County, while Eureka county doesn't have any brothel, does not either permit or prohibit licensed brothels. License fees for establishing brothels depend from different counties. In Storey County, the license fee is $100,000 annually, while Lander County imposes $200,00. Legal prostitutes age also varies. In Storey and Lyon Counties, the required legal age is 18, while it is 21 in the remaining counties. ...read more.


Prostitution is business, and therefore it should be under full protection of the law as with any other businesses that operate in the country. There are always dishonest and immoral people in all walks of life and in all kinds of profession. If all dishonest people were caught and their profession be criminalized, then there would hardly remain a single legal and honest profession. Regardless of whatever trade dishonest people come from, the law should deal with these people accordingly (Philosophical Overview, n.d.). Conclusion This paper has evaluated the favorable conditions that decriminalization of prostitution would offer in the society. Not only would it give the government easier control over the sex industry, it would also allow its people to have their own choices, to follow whatever career one chooses. Through decriminalization, it would give prostitutes the kind of respect that they deserve. It would give them strong hold of the rights and the privileges that normal people should enjoy. So what really is morally wrong with prostitution? The giving of money or the barter? Wives often do that; sex has been a bartered trade even within the bonds of marriage. Prostitutes are simply giving their service, and it is therefore natural for them to expect payment. Just like a tutor would teach you your lessons in exchange for money, or the lawyers who impose fees for every legal action that they make for their clients. Therefore, decriminalization of prostitution is sound and has with it favorable effects on the society contrary on what religious people believe. ...read more.

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