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Effects of UK and EU employment Legislation Many employment laws exist within the UK today, which any organisation must take into deep consideration. The society in which

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Effects of UK and EU employment Legislation Many employment laws exist within the UK today, which any organisation must take into deep consideration. The society in which we live in is a diverse multicultural society. It is therefore mandatory that Blacks consider the laws that exist and put them into practice. Employment laws such as race, sex, disability, employment equality and many others play a vital role. The law regarding the race of an individual, first came into practice in 1968, with the Race Relations Act, which had been adopted in order to give those from other ethnic backgrounds the same rights as those who are within the UK. This certainly applies today, as many people from multi-cultural backgrounds live within the UK. The Race Relations Act has affected the working conditions within the UK, particularly when recruiting and selecting people for jobs. A company such as Blacks needs to operate in a certain way, which ensures that equality is reached within the workforce, and those who are from different ethnic backgrounds get the same opportunities, and are treated as equally as their counterparts. The law states that each person when considered for a job must be judged on their ability rather than their ethnicity, and Blacks need to take into consideration such factors. ...read more.


Equal opportunity also needs to be adopted, whereby all people are given the chance to apply for a promotion, or another job within the organisation. The corporate name that Blacks wishes to have, is a good company who looks after their employees, and ensure that all people are given the same opportunities, and that all are treated the same. They wish to build on that as they believe that the workforce is a core part of the success of their company, therefore keeping good relations with them is extremely important. Part-time workers (prevention of the less favourable treatment) regulation aims to ensure that part-time workers are not treated less favourably than full-time workers. This means they receive the same rate of pay. They are also not excluded from training at Blacks but everyone is given training. They also receive entitle holidays depending on the amount of days they work. The Fixed Term Employees (prevention of less favourable treatment) Regulation indicates that all part-time or temporary workers must be treated no less different to the full-time or permanent workers. The temporary holiday staff and other part-time workers are treated equally to the full timers. ...read more.


This act is very similar to the sex discrimination act where a person cannot be discriminated against because of their gender in category such as when it comes to recruitment and selection. The social chapter The European Union's social chapter is an attempt to encourage minimum wages and conditions of work in member countries. It was argued that a business may attempt to respond to falling profits or greater competition by cutting costs. This of course could lead to poor pay and work conditions for employees to prevent this, member countries outlined an agreement which covered such areas as: > A limit on hours of work > Fair reasonable rewards > Minimum wages > Access to training > Worker involvement in decision making > Health and safety > Union recognition > Equal opportunities Overall, we can get a clear view how the employment laws in general can have a big impact on both the working conditions and practices within Blacks. On the whole, Blacks tries to take each employment law into consideration, and tries to act upon it, by providing healthy and equal working conditions for all. It also tries to adopt certain practices, beneficial in complying with the laws of the state. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 28 ...read more.

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