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"Equal Rights vs. Special Rights" The topics of the extent a homosexuals civil rights should be stated has become a topic in congress

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Amy Stephens Sociology November 11, 2005 "Equal Rights vs. Special Rights" The topics of the extent a homosexuals civil rights should be stated has become a topic in congress more so than ever. The civil rights preventing a person from being fired from a job for being gay and the right of an apartment owner to deny a person from renting from them for being a homosexual has been heated arguments for years now. There are not many public "facts" on these topics but the truth is, that to make a decision on these topics you have to look inside yourself and search your own beliefs and morals. ...read more.


I am sure that everyone has heard the arguments about whether or not people who are homosexuals are born that way or if it is a behavior in which they have developed or were taught. I cannot say for sure there is no way that there could be individuals who are genetically predisposed. But in 1998, thousands of former homosexuals gathered in Seattle to proclaim that hope for change is possible. It is clear to me that while there could be some genetic bases for the activity in some way or another, but it is an activity of choice in other aspects and that it is a choice which can be made or not made. ...read more.


If we were to give homosexuals the civil rights law that they are asking for a person would not be allowed to rent an apartment to whomever they want. If they were strong moral people who did not want their children to be around that lifestyle, they would not have a choice in the matter. On job applications there is no box to check stating whether a person is straight, homosexual, or bisexual, so how would the employers even know unless the person told them. The workplace is the time nor location to be discussing whom a person sleeps with anyway. I do not believe that anyone should be fired, evicted, or even physically and mentally harmed whether straight or gay, but I also do not think that people should go around preaching their sexual preferences. ...read more.

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