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GNVQ Business - Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is a company's ability to fulfil the business, emotional, and psychological needs of its customers. Customer Satisfaction may be measured directly by survey and expressed as a percentage, such as Percent of Customers Completely Satisfied. Marks and Spencer help their staff provide services that satisfy their customers by on-going training. The on-going training means that employees are continuously gaining knowledge on a range of different things that will improve themselves as workers. Consumer Laws There are numerous consumer laws that protect individual customers. Marks and Spencer need to make sure they comply with these laws to provide good customer service. These are the following: * Health & Safety * Control of Information * Sale of Product * Labelling of Product Health & Safety Food Safety 1990 - The Food Safety Act says it is illegal to sell food which has been contaminated or adulterated or is unfit for human consumption or is labelled or advertised in a way that misleads the customer. The aim of the food safety act is to ensure that all food produced for sale is safe to eat, of high quality and not misleadingly presented. Marks and Spencer must comply with this law by ensuring that all food products are of high quality and are safe to eat. ...read more.


Another example being that an employee should not log into a managers account to find out information on a certain customer etc. Sale of Products Sale of Goods Act 1979 - The Sale of Goods Act lays down several conditions that all goods sold by a trader must meet. These conditions are that the goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. "As described" refers to any advert or verbal description made by the trader. "Satisfactory quality" covers minor and cosmetic defects as well as substantial problems. It also means that products must last a reasonable time. But it doesn't give you any rights if a fault was obvious or pointed out to you at point of sale. "Fit for purpose" covers not only the obvious purpose of an item but any purpose you queried and were given assurances about by the trader. Marks and Spencer must make sure that all products being sold are as described and of satisfactory quality. If a customer buys a product it must be labelled correctly to fill the "as described" criteria. Supply of Goods & Service Act 1982 - The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 requires traders to provide services to a proper standard of workmanship. ...read more.


If they know which employee it was then that employee should also apologise to the customer for being rude. Marks and Spencer should offer a gift voucher to the customer to make sure the customer is satisfied with Marks and Spencer's customer service and continues to shop there. Complaint 2: A customer buys lunch from the Marks and Spencer food department and customer gets food poisoning after eating the product. Customer then finds out that the product was past it's sell by date. How M&S could deal with this complaint: To make sure that the customer is satisfied Marks and Spencer must give an apology to the customer. Not only this but Marks and Spencer should also offer a full refund and a voucher to show they are sorry. They should make sure that in future this problem will not occur again. Complaint 3: A customer buys a pair of shoes and the heel breaks off after a few hours of wearing them. Customer is appalled at the quality of the product and writes a complaint to Marks and Spencer demanding a refund. How M&S could deal with this complaint: To ensure that the customer is happy, Marks and Spencer should first apologise to the customer. They should offer a refund or exchange for the shoes and perhaps offer a gift voucher to make sure the customer keeps shopping at Marks and Spencer. ?? ?? ?? ?? 6 ...read more.

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