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Guilty or Not Guilty - Who give us justice in this world?

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Guilty or Not Guilty Who give us justice in this world? Who protect our justice in this world? It is pessimistic to say that there is no ESTREME justice in this world, however it is true. The court, should give us the EXTREME justice, but unfortunately it cannot. Why? Because it is run by man. No one can say he or she is extremely honest and nobody can make him or herself being honest and justice all the time. There always have some disturbance to this justice. As during the Salem witch trials in 1960s, some juries convicted and some acquitted. The question is "what made the difference?" (25) The court has been improved, it was once dictated in the hands of the judge. ...read more.


Same jurors, same witness, same defendant, how did it come out a totally different result? The answer is, the jurors were terrorized by the violent reaction from people that their first verdict as brought. The fear of the jurors made them turn their back to their conscience, and change the verdict as other people expected. Maybe you will say it is just the way this world goes, and there is no wrong about it, but I don't. This was against the justice and fairness. Now let us stand on the jurors' shoes and walk around with it, we know very well that they were coerced, and this was the reason of the occurrence of unfair verdicts. Similar trials do exit today, and I do not doubt there are a lot, but we expect is to have less and less trials like that in the future. ...read more.


It was because the environment and society they live in. juries that are diversified often knew more about the society as they are within the society, so they would make a more fair verdict than those were drawn from one same area, or one same religious. Therefore when they judged, they often came with a less misjudging. At this point, our justice is protected by jurors. As a result, for my opinion, in order to have the EXTREME justice, there should not have any disturbance, nor any pressure, but a free environment for juries and judges to do their work. The verdict of whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty will then be more easy and fair to decide. Although we might not reach the EXTREME justice, but we might have a NEARLY extreme justice and fairness. Jing Ge Period $ ...read more.

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