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health and safety legislation and regulation

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`Bodgeit & legit` engineering co have a pillar drill in a manufacturing workshop that employees have to use in order to carry out their job. It is not bolted to the floor, the chuck safety guard is broken and there are no signs or markings in the vicinity of the drill. 1a. * The drill is not bolted to the floor so if someone when to use the drill it could fall on him or someone else around the drill. * The chuck safety guard is broken so if someone tries to drill a hard material for example a mild steel the swarf can fly out of the machine and can injure someone close to the machine and also the swarf will be very hot because the material is so hard so if the swarf flies in to someone eye it can damage it. * If there is no sign to say which switch is for what than the user will not exactly know where the emergency switch is and they won't know the start button and other setting buttons. If there are no safety warning signs for example wear your goggles or wear mask or any other hazard signs the person who using ...read more.


Also if the company don't do the role properly the workers won't be happy which means the workers will produce poor quality of work which will affect the company Reputation because if the company start to produce poor work piece the customers won't be satisfied because the part won't last for long. And if one of the employee take the case to the court it could cost the employee a lot but the company won't worry lot about the money and they will appoint a better lawyer which means there is a better change of wining the case but even if they win the case they will still get a bad name because the media will tell everyone about the case but if the employee win the case the company has to pay fine and get it reputation damaged or maybe they even have to close down the company permanently and if the case is taken to the court it will take long time to get a the result. Or if the employee goes to the Health and Safety origination and complain about the company with strong evidence the Health and Safety inspectors will come and inspect the company by surprise. ...read more.


if it makes contact with the user eye it can make the person blind and also if there is no chuck safety guard the user finger or his cloth can make contact with the rotating chuck and can injure him very badly. Than I would put marking and signs around the drill to make sure everyone stays away from the drill when someone is using the drill because if the drill doesn't have a personal space marked others in the workshop won't know it is belong to that drill and other will come in to the drill space which cans upset the employee. Also if there are no signs telling the user and other about the rules and other important factors the user can get injured because if there is no sig telling wear your goggles the user may forget to wear a goggle and can get blinded by the hot swarf. I would also recommend the company to do a risk assessment on the drill every three month and to insure the drill is maintain properly to minimise the accident and the risk caused by the drill I would also recommend the company to give employers a good training to further minimise the risk. ...read more.

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