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Hong Kong and Autonomy under One Country Two Systems.

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In 1984, the joint declaration was signed by the Governments of People's Republic of China ("PRC") and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, jointly, indicating the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong in 1997 is finally settled. Deng Xiaoping, The former Leader of PRC who decided the One Country Two System, promised that the capitalism system and way of life of Hong Kong shall remain unchanged for 50 years; this promise was incorporated into the Basic Law and symbolized the implementation of high degree of autonomy in Hong Kong. To assess the degree of autonomy in Hong Kong, the importance of core values of Hong Kong must be mentioned. But first of all, we should start the discussion from the method of selecting the head of this system, the Chief Executive ("CE"), as Hong Kong has an executive-led government. The Free Will of Chief Executive of HKSAR As stated in the Basic Law, the CE of Hong Kong should be nominated and elected by a broadly representative nominating committee, the Election Committee. According to a survey conducted by "CE Election Monitor" in 2011, there were about 70% of Hong Kong Citizens have no idea on how the members of such committee is selected. In another words, the general public are said to be having no participation in the election of CE of Hong Kong. ...read more.


Balance of Power Getting disappointed by the political reality of having no hope in electing the CE by universal suffrage, people realized that balance of power, i.e. execution, legislation and jurisdiction, should be the key to defend the "One Country Two System" against from any further damage. Although the existing constitutional structure do allows such circumstance to be achievable, functional constituencies do weaken the balancing power of legislation towards the execution. Similar to the selection of CE, the members of functional constituencies in the Legislative Council was selected by a method excluding the participation of the general public. This system has been criticized for unequal number of votes, unequal weight for each vote and unreasonable limitation on being a candidate or a voter. Though being heavily criticized, another political reality is that they are going to be last forever: as stated in Basic Law, to amend the method of selecting members of Legislative Council should get the endorsement of at least two-thirds majority of all members of the Legislative Council first, that means, the functional constituencies should abolished themselves. Having the right to enjoy the political free lunch, the members of the functional constituencies tends to response to the government's will at the time they are voting. Any amendment or motion proposed by the pan-democratic camp, which mainly be elected in geographical constituencies, will always be turned down by the functional constituencies. ...read more.


Mr. Wong Kin, a resident of Laguna City, wearing a T-shirt with very large red and blue Chinese characters: "REVERSE THE VERDICT ON JUNE FOURTH; the Revolution Has Not Yet Succeeded; BUILD DEMOCRACY; Comrades Must Still Persevere" printed on the back, was physically picked up and carried away by several plainclothes members of the VIP protection team; Lee Shing Hon, Student of Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), claimed to be confined by the Hong Kong Police force in the stairwell of Leung Kau Kui Building for an hour; Now TV released a video showing a police officer blocking the camera of the journalist; the Hong Kong Journalists Association complained that the press area was to far away from Li Keqiang. Although there was no strong evidence showing such arrangement was directed by the government of PRC, when comparing the level of public security for protecting Hillary Rodham Clinton, the 67th United States Secretary of State, in her visit one month earlier, the one protecting Li Keqiang was obviously higher. At least, no"core security zone" was setup during Hillary's visit. Nevertheless, a photo claimed to be taken in the "core security zone" was shared on the internet. In that photo, there was a plainclothes VIP protection team member, wearing a China Police badge, talking with two uniformed police. Will there be any relationship between the badge and such oversensitive arrangement? ?? ?? ?? ?? DLS Student No.: 211738 Name: Lo Kin Leung Course No.: LW 56-103-02(11) 1 ...read more.

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