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Human Factor

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Task 1: With reference to the dirty dozen, describe the different types of human limitations that can affect human performance (P3) Stress is one of the limitations which can reduce human performance because when an engineer do a long shift he will get very stress and at that time the engineer tent to make mistakes for example forgetting to put a nut back. And Memory limitations is one of the human limitation which can cause engineer to forget thing for example living a tool on the aircraft wing this mistake frequently happens because these information will be saved in short term memory which can only last for few seconds. Poor communication can reduce human performance as well because when a team of engineers work to gather and they don't communicate each other properly the outcome of the work would be very bad or even dangerous because they may think the other person did this job so I don't need to do it and ignoring it. ...read more.


to discuss and perform some checklist at same time or by continuing from the point where the other person finished the job but if they don't communicate or get to know each other or they don't do as a team work they will not get the job done properly or on time. 2. Explain how human behaviour can affect human performance (P4) If a person is under stress or pressure or if he is tired or angry he tent to produce a poor quality work because he can't be focused on the work and he tent to forget things very easily when the person is under stress or tired, and if the person is tired or not felling normal his attention will not be focused on the work and it will be on something else which will slow the working performance as well as poor out come. 3. Using examples describe the differences between error and violation. ...read more.


And also by calibrating the tools on time or two three days before the expiring date you can reduce the risk of over tighten the nut or damaging the aircraft. It's very important to prevent error happening again and again because minor error can cause major distraction for example it can cause delays which can cost the company 1000 of pounds or it can cause disaster by I mean it can bring down the aircraft when its flying and can cause lots of deaths and casualties and it can also destroy the aircraft completely which can cost the company billions of pounds. If you spot a problem or damage to an aircraft you should fill up a MOR (Mandatory Occurrence Reporting) and you need to send it off to CAA and if it's something dangerous you should tell the company and try to convince them not to fly the aircraft. By reporting this to CAA you will reduce the problem occurring again and also you can keep the record for statistics purpose and safety purpose so in future it can be used to improve the air safety. ...read more.

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