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Law Work

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Law Homework- Half Term Homework Question 1 a) Actus Reus is a Latin term given that represents the 'guilty act', when proved before reasonable doubt. In order for an Actus Reus to be committed there has to have been an act. Various common law jurisdictions define the act differently but generally, an act is a "bodily movement whether voluntary or involuntary". Actus Reus is found in a voluntary deliberate act for someone has to commit a crime and be found liable for it. ...read more.


in this case study the court gave examples of a driver not driving voluntarily, and the victim was hit over the head with a stone, or being stung by a swarm of bees. b) The general meaning of Mens Rea is based on the term 'guilty mind' Mens Rea is not the same as motive. Motive only gives an indication of what Mens Rea might have been but most of it is irrelevant. Mens rea falls under intention there are two types of intention direct intention and oblique intention. ...read more.


into the pram he had the intention to throw the baby into the pram he knew the baby was going to get injured however he had no direct intention to kill his son. c) Actus Rea and Mens Rea must happen at the same time in order for them to be found guilty. So if a guy intended to kill his neighbour and he went to his door with a knife but he wasn't in and later he ran him over by accident he would not have been found guilty as he didn't have the actus reus or mens rea at the same time. ...read more.

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