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AS and A Level: Legal personnel

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    LAW REPORT on Macgregor(TM)s case

    4 star(s)

    or Multi Track procedure (claim value �15,000-�50000), or at the High Court of Justice (although this is unlikely given that the claimant must reasonably expect to recover �50,000 or more), subject to the perceived gravity and complexity of the case and the amounts claimed therein. Peter's claim for the theft of his camera would be dealt with by the County Court under the small claims procedure, on the fairly safe assumption that his loss is valued at less than �5000.

    • Word count: 2652
  2. Storing Scientific Data

    The new theories emerge sometimes while realising that some limit had not previously been sufficiently well defined. For example, the first paper of Albert Einstein on relativity starts by defining simultaneity and the means of determining the length. These ideas were jumped more from Isaac Newton with, "I do not define time, space, place and motion, as being well known to al."(Answers, 2008). The progress of new machinery affects the originality of products such as mobile, wireless, invisible calculation products and managed networked systems.

    • Word count: 2229
  3. Explain the work & training of barristers & solicitors

    Some solicitors may also go into public employment, such as local government or into industry as legal advisors. Solicitors are partly regulated by both the courts and the Law Society since the Solicitors Act 1974 came into force. The Law Society is the controlling body for solicitors. It has always been a voluntary organisation and about 85% of practising solicitors are members. Under the Solicitors Act 1974 it makes training regulations relating to examinations and articles. It maintains the role of solicitors, has a teaching college and provides club facilities for its members.

    • Word count: 2256

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