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Problems of Knowledge with the PATRIOT Act.

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Problems of Knowledge with the PATRIOT Act What is the PATRIOT Act? � After the attack of September 11, 2001, Congress in its wisdom determined the need to revise and create laws that better enable law enforcement to track and intercept communications of those who would do America harm (namely, the PATRIOT Act) What is the USA PATRIOT Act: � USA Patriot is an acronym for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" What the PATRIOT Act Does: � It breaks the political backs of the judiciary and legislative branches of government. � It allows random arrests and detention without hearings or trials for anyone or any group designated by the President. Retroactive Prosecution, too! � It allows the concealment of Presidential records. � It permits secret "Military Tribunals" for presidential-designated "terrorists". � It legalizes "sneak-n-peek" searches and seizures. � It allows the unlawful infiltration and surveillance of legal, domestic religious, labor and political organizations. � It allows the wholesale surveillance of private citizens, private business records and other materials without proof of probable cause. ...read more.


This example of confusion is a prime limitation to knowledge. - However, the opposition counters that laws involving such complicated issues naturally become complicated, as this law pertains to many different laws passed earlier in the US. Vagueness leads to POWER Abuse? � Some opponents of the PATRIOT Act argue: � "Hypothetically it is plausible that through the Patriot Act, those who are adamant protestors of our current political regime, if they become to powerful and threaten the plans of the government, could be labeled as enemy combatants against America. There is no language in the Patriot Act that would disallow this possibility from happening." - This points out a major POK - the Act's language is too vague, and thus, it may be abused. POK # 3 - Fighting for Your Rights � Both sides argue that they are protecting the rights of the people. - The pro-activists argue that they are defending the securities of the people. - The opposition counters by arguing that the PATRIOT Act takes away the sacred RIGHT to individuality and privacy. � The POK arises when trying to value what is more important. Can we do such a thing? ...read more.


� The USA Patriot Act was passed 6 weeks after 9/11 � The bill, which was proposed just two days after the September 11th attacks, is about 320 pages in length. - It seems that George Bush had plans for this before Sept. 11. The Use of Statistics � The supporters outline that the PATRIOT Act was passed with a clear majority of the congress vote and senate vote - USA Patriot Act, which was passed by a ninety eight to one vote in the Senate and a three hundred and fifty seven to sixty six vote in Congress. � However, the opposition points out that Why is this IMPORTANT? � We all take our freedoms for granted. There have been totalitarian dictatorships that HAVE abused human rights. � I feel that the PATRIOT Act is a step closer to George Orwell's 1984; how can we feel comfortable living and learning in a world where "Big Brother" is watching � We must work towards promoting our rights and freedoms, and defending ourselves from the powers who aim to twist words to get what they want. � "The Patriot Act could usher in the beginning of an age where we have no civil liberties at all." ...read more.

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