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"The present selection, exclusion, exemption and challenge procedures ensure that juries will never be representative of the public conscience" Discuss.

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ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEM COURSEWORK QUESTION 2 : "The present selection, exclusion, exemption and challenge procedures ensure that juries will never be representative of the public conscience" Discuss. ANSWER; Juries in England often described as the "the jewel in the Crown", with 12 different faces on the jury that is its strength, of course there are automatic exemptions: for criminals and bankrupts and more importantly for professionals like lawyers, judges, prison officers and police. Others, like doctors, can seek exemptions. It's tighter in some States than others, but after all the exclusions, exemptions and excuses - and let's not forgets the defence is entitled to challenge if they don't like the jury. Juries Act 1974 is the act governing the juries system in UK. Juries system been form in UK for insure the public justice system will be fairly deliver and up hold the justice, yet the present selection, exclusion, exemption and challenges procedures become a great question that did such method did representive of the public conscience. 1 The method of selection of juries subject to this section and section 5, every person enrolled as an elector for the Legislative Assembly shall be qualified and liable to serve as a juror, Therefore those age reach 18 up to 70 were eligible to become juror. ...read more.


Equal opportunity to participate in the fair administration of justice is fundamental to our democratic system. It not only furthers the goals of the jury system. It reaffirms the promise of equality under the law - that all citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, have the chance to take part directly in our democracy. 4 Powers v. Ohio, its shows and believed that no body should exclude base on solely because of race or gender, this promise of equality dims, and the integrity of our judicial system is jeopardized. The law makers need look in this factors for 5 commands the public confidences in order the juries system continuously will representative of the public conscience .6In New York and many other State of USA source records for jury services been expended, all or most of exemptions from jury trail been sweep away, and excusal become largely deferred. This result is that nearly every one does jury service as an acknowledged civil duty, including, judges, lawyers, policeman. Doctors and clergymen. [3] Juries Amendment Act 1990 [4] [499 U.S. ...read more.


[7] Jury Excusal and Deferral Research Findings No102, Home Offices Statistics Directorate [8] 1974 Act s.9b [9] Royal Commission on Criminal Justice, Research Study 19. [10] Criminal Justice Act 1988, s.118 (1) [11] The Hon Mr Justice D. K. Malcolm AC, Chief Justice of Western Australia, Report of Chief Justice's Taskforce on Gender Bias, 30 June 1994. Although there are a number of legitimate concerns with the current jury selection process in UK and while a number of options are open for reforming the process, the report concludes that a piecemeal approach to reform is not likely to successfully address the need to improve the system for racial, visible, ethno-cultural and other minorities The need is not only to address some or all of the out-of-court processes, but at the same time to reform the in-court procedures in the selection, exclusion, exemption and the challenges procedures of juries. It would appear to be necessary to undertake reform in order juries always representative of the society. Word count. Page 1 :314 Page 2 :302 Page 3 :279 Page 4 :105 Total word count :1000 words. 9 ...read more.

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