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The Role of the individual European citizen in enforcing their rights has had a greater impact on the success of the legal order of the European community than any institutional reform or development

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Short Term Memory Capacity and How It Is Affected A2 Coursework Summary- The area being tested on will be short term memory capacity and how it is affected. The population being tested on will be students from college. The experimental hypothesis is: there is going to be a significant difference in recall of characters as opposed to numbers. The null hypothesis is there is going to be no significant difference recall of characters as opposed to numbers. The theory will be tested via an experiment. For this certain ethics will have to be considered. As in, whether the participant suffers from any medical conditions which, if they took part, would affect their health or give unreliable results e.g. arthritis or dyslexia. Also, although the risks involved in this experiment are minimal a risk assessment will have to be completed to make sure no risk is created for the participant. If the data collected is normally distributed then a parametric test will be used to assess the data. Otherwise a non-parametric test will be used. To work out which test to use a normality test will be conducted. ...read more.


> Although the slide will appear as a grid you can write them down as you please, the paper is yours and therefore you may choose a style most appropriate to you. > At the door, on the table to your left, there is the debriefing statement please read it carefully before leaving and tick it to show that you have understood it and have been debriefed. > Thank you for your time. > Bye. Standard Procedure- A potential participant from the target population was approached and asked if they currently study psychology or have studied it in the past? If they answered yes then they were thanked for their time and were told they cannot take part in the experiment as they may know the aim. If they answered no they were asked if they would take part in an A2 psychology coursework investigation. If they refuse to take part they were thanked for their time and another person was approached. However if they agreed I would ask them if they are able to come to the Drama Theatre in Bolton Sixth Form College on Thursday 12th July at 12:40pm. ...read more.


I have also been told that my results will stay confidential. Yes No Date: Debriefing Statement- The true purpose of the experiment that you participated in was to find out the capacity of the short term memory and how it is affected. Sign- Do Not Disturb! Results- The data being obtained is quantitative as it is based on figures or number collecting. The data obtained was not normally distributed and therefore was non-parametric. The statistic test that will be used will be a Mann-Whitney test. From this it can be seen that p= 0.0455 therefore, p=<0.05 and therefore the results obtained are significant with a significant correlation. DF=2. Bar Chart Shows Mean X axis- 1=Amount of answers given right 2=Amount of answers nearly given right 3=Amount of answers given wrong 4= Amount of answers it was out of Conclusion- Overall the aim of the study was to investigate the capacity of the short term memory and what effects certain information has on it. From the investigation it was found that what was expected was backed up which is reflected in the results section and therefore the experimental hypothesis was backed up and the null hypothesis can be rejected. Therefore from this it can be seen that different types of information does have an effect on the short term memory. ...read more.

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