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The time has come for the abolition of civil juries Discuss.

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"The time has come for the abolition of civil juries" Discuss. There has been an increase in the number of cases filed in recent times and the time required for each tries has prompted concern amongst the bench, bar and the public. Lord Goldsmith recently announced reforms for complex fraud cases, which would mean that a judge sitting alone can convict defendants without the decision being made by a jury. The government's main concern for this abolition is that it will increase costs and also increase waiting times. In recent time's big fraud trials has cost the taxpayer millions of pounds. One problem is perceived to be the idea of trials lasting several months for jurors. ...read more.


On the other, the Government has tried twice to remove petty criminal offences such as theft from the scope of jury trial in order to save time and money, but the proposals have been thrown out by Parliament. Currently there is a split between the judge's role and the jury's. Judges decide on what law is relevant to a case. The jury decides the facts of the case, are they guilty or innocent? The alternative would be to adopt the procedure used in a number of European countries where the judge decides everything facts and law this could be seen as unfair, as a judge is not always representative of society and may be influenced by what he is used to. ...read more.


On the other hand, I understand where the judge is coming from. Trial by jury is a long-held tradition in the UK, and they shouldn't lose a tradition. But is society stable enough to decide who's a criminal and who's not? I think that the issue with juries is that they are completely inconsistent, one randomly selected group of 12 voters may be excellent at taking in the information presented, and the next 12 may struggle to understand the complexity of the evidence. However, I do feel that in our society a jury holds a valuable position as it helps to represent the views of many. ?? ?? ?? ?? Katherine Davies ...read more.

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