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They are four main acts concerned with employment they are: The Employment Rights Act 1996, The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, The Race Relations act 1976

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Acts that protect employees They are four main acts concerned with employment they are: * The Employment Rights Act 1996, * The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, * The Race Relations act 1976 * The Disability Discrimination Act 1995. In the past many employers took advantage of their employees. As they were no formal procedures employers literally treated employees however they wanted. The Employment Rights Act 1996 was created to protect employees from being mistreated. This act is employment law the other three are acts concerned with equal opportunities. Employment Rights Act 1996 This act states laws that protect employees of organisation. Some of the laws included are: * After two months of work employees must receive a written contract that should have details of their employment responsibilities. This is called a Contract of Employment * Employees are entitled to itemised pay slips. ...read more.


For example in an Asian Resource Centre where Asian women call to ask for help with problems in the home or at work etc. If someone were working there then a woman calling would rather talk to another Asian woman. Also the woman calling may not speak any English and again the employee at the centre will have to be able to speak an Asian language the caller understands. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 When employing, employers cannot discriminate because of disability. The disability may be physical, mental or sensory but the employer mustn't treat the person differently than an able-bodied person when recruiting, promoting or dismissing an employee. Employers must be willing to make adjustments to their premises so it can be accessible to disabled people. Also make adjustments to any equipment in the workplace for example a deaf person wouldn't know when a fire alarm went off in a building if the fire alarm wasn't specially adapted to flash lights as well as make a noise. ...read more.


So if you want a very different type of Retail Career please send/submit your CV" This has no discriminatory parts to it at all. The applicants are taken to a group interview. Impressive candidates are then invited back for a one-on-one interview. If the applicant gets the job then they have to agree to Ikea's polices on discrimination. Ikea do not tolerate discrimination in their work place. A way they check that employees are not discriminating anyone is to have their line manager answer a question when the employee is having an appraisal. The question is "What is the employee's relationship with co-workers and managers". If this question is answered with a bad relationship then Ikea will tell the employee that they must get on with co-workers and managers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 1 Michael Mahon 12O P3 Theory and P3 ...read more.

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