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What justice means to me.

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What justice means to me. Frederick R. White The Foundations of Criminal Justice CJA/303 Carter Smith 10 June 2006 Justice is a moral right it indicate fairness to one and all and it should be administered without bias or partiality when a crime of any sort is committed and a person happens to be on the scene of the crime or in the vicinity. That does not constitute participation or guilt but instead derives only suspicion. To assure fairness or justice a thorough investigation using all means of evidence and possible witnesses if any or a legal confession of the person under suspicion should be applied so that the truth may be brought out, only then can guilt or innocence can be established. ...read more.


I have worked in the field of Criminal Justice for 20 years and have witnessed the rich commit the same crime as the under privileged but, they either go free or get probation, while the poor get hard time. Some of the cases are decided by race, ethnic background and religion when the constitution clearly states justice for all. Justice is also involved in business practice when a customer purchases a product and the product is faulty the customer is usually not allowed a full refund but, instead is only offered a product replacement during a certain period after purchase. Why should there be a restriction to the customer when he or she is not responsible for the defect of the product? ...read more.


I have yet to hear a victim say they are satisfied with the punishment of the person who committed a criminal act whether an assault, rape, robbery or murder of a love one have been committed. I am a firm believer in our system and it may not be as just as we all may prefer it to be, Yet if there was no system things would be worst than it is now. Comparing the 15th or 16th century with today our safety from the criminal mind is much better than it was then. A person could be shot , hanged or assaulted and there was little or no law for protection. I do feel that justice should be for all regardless of who and what you have been accused of and if found guilty the punishment should fit and not exceed the dominance of the crime. ?? ?? ?? ?? Justice 1 ...read more.

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