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AS and A Level: Maths

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Studying Mathematics at A Level will give you a highly marketable qualification both in the eyes of employers and university admissions staff. Areas you will cover include Pure Maths - geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus - and Applied Maths which usually includes Mechanics and Statistics. The ability to think logically and to apply basic principles to complex problems makes Maths a key subject in developing highly transferable skills.

Marked by Teachers has hundreds of worked-through answers to examination style questions to help the A level Maths student. You can master essential techniques and gain key examination skills knowing that they have been marked by expert teachers with years of experience.

The analytical, logical and problem-solving skills you'll gain will be of considerable benefit in studying a wide range of other subjects. Maths is asignificantly helpful qualification to gain at this level opening doors into Engineering, Economics and any subject with a statisticalelement, acting as a key third subject for those intending to go on to study physical sciences.


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