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Critical Path Analysis

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Phil Taylor        Decision & Discrete Coursework                 April 2004

Maths Coursework – Decision & Discrete

Critical Path Analysis - Building An Extended Bedroom

My parents have decided to build an extension over our garage to add a fourth bedroom to the house as currently my two brothers are sharing a room and it has been decided that they are getting too old to share a room and need their own privacy. They want to know the minimum time to build and decorate the new bedroom and the minimum amount of people needed to complete the job. I am going to use critical path analysis to find these requirements out. Hopefully, my work will allow my parents to find out if how long this small extension will take to build and how many workers will need to be paid in order for the task to be completed successfully. The results that I will hopefully get will tell my parents how long the project will take and how many people will be needed to get the job done in the most efficient time.

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These activities must start on their earliest start time to enable the job to be completed in the shortest time. If the activities do start at their earliest time, the network will give the best possible solution.

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The final solution is as accurate as possible but it is impossible to predict things that could happen so the networks and charts may be inaccurate as you cannot predict the future. For example, there could be extremely bad weather (which is a possibility living in England as the weather is entirely unpredictable) which could stop the builders erecting the walls and building the roof as this would cause a delay in proceedings. If something like this happened, the overall time would be lengthened by the initial length of the delay. The solution is as accurate as it can possibly be as we cannot predict any problems that could occur. If everything went to plan, the job of building and decorating a new bedroom above a garage should take place with 58 hours of labour needing 2 full-time workers and an electrician for 8 hours which gives a total of needing 3 workers to complete the task in 58 hours.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Decision Mathematics section.

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