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Do population factors influence crime? Doesthe number of young adults aged 17 to 24 affect the amount of disorder un areas of Stockton-On-Tees?

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Hypothosis 2

Do population factors influence crime?

Doesthe number of young adults aged 17 to 24 affect the amount of disorder un areas of Stockton-On-Tees?

        I am attempting to see if there a relationship between the number of young adults in an area and the amount of disorder. I think that an area with many young adults in it will have more disorder problems because young people are immature and are the prime t cause disorder as a way of passing time. Also I think that there image will be improved upon if they have the status of being arrested for being disorderly.


        As with unemployment I am using the Safer Stockton Partnership booklet which gives information on the amount of disorder per 1000 people. I will use this information to see if there’s any correlation between unemployment and disorder. To find out about the number of young adults in an area I used information from the Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit. This uses information on population from 1991 census, gives you data at ward level for Stockton for example the Blue Hall ward has a total population of 6310 and there are 630 adults aged 17 to 24.

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         I also made a chloropleth on young adults per 1000 people. I coloured each ward in terms of its young adults. I will match this with the chloropleth i made for disorders in hypothesis 1 to show if any pattern can be seen. If any pattern can be seen if there is a positive pattern the wards with high disorder will match the wards with high numbers of young adults.

Data Interpretation

        I looked to see if there is a relationship between young adults and disorders in Stockton-On-Tees. The result of my Spearman’s calculation shows a coefficient of -0.10 this shows that there is very little correlation between disorders and young adults and any that there is, is negative.

        My scattergraph shows that there is no correlation. My points spread through the middle of the graph and the best fit line shows this. This shows that as the number of young adults goes up the number of disorders does not follow the best fit line and does not go from the bottom left axis to the top right of the graph.

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        I think you cannot just look at the ages of people in an area to see if they will make it more disorderly. I think disorder may be a combination between factors such as number of pubs in an area, whether there are many gangs in an area or drug addicts or unemployed people. I should those also.

        The biggest problem is that I looked at was young people living in an area when this is not the most important factor. Places such as Parkfield with its many pubs and places with shopping centres. May get a lot of visitors who are disorderly these will show up on the figures for that ward in terms of disorder but not the young people living there.

Enquiry Improvements

        To see if the number of young people in a place influences disorder I must also see other information on things such as racist attacks and drugs problems because looking at a mixture of these will give me a clearer picture to see if the number of adults is an important cause of disorder.

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