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Investigate two categorical variables whose relationship seem interesting. The two categorical variables, which we have chosen to investigate is gender and smoking.

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Project #2

The project states to investigate two categorical variables whose relationship seem interesting.  The two categorical variables, which we have chosen to investigate is gender and smoking.  This left us to decide on how we were going to proceed.  

The sampling frame consists of female and male students who attended John Abbott College, on full-time bases.  We know had to decide what question we would ask.

We decided to go with a simple question which would end up giving us a direct yes or

no answer.  The question, which we decided to ask, “Do you or do you not smoke?”  We took a sample size of forty students: 21 males and 19 females.  It should be noted that the larger the sample size the more reliable the results are likely to be.

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By using the chi-square statistic we will be able to test the significance level α.  Our chi-square value computes to .819.  To test the significance level α, we will use table 24.1 on page 475 of the course text.  As we can conclude from this table the chi-square statistic is not significant at any level.  The experiment shows that a prediction of smokers from gender would most likely be inaccurate.

The experiment itself is not accurate on the account that it was performed on a convenience sample, which could be the major source of bias.  The forty-selected sample is not in anyway representative of the population.  The subjects that were chosen for the experiment were chosen because of mere acquaintance.  Further more, they were

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ss="c0">Percentage: 17.5%

Who do not smoke:     Tallied: lllll lllll llll

                         Frequency: 14/40

                         Percentage: 35%


Who smoke:   Tallied: lllll llll

                Frequency: 9/40

                Percentage: 22.5%

Who do not smoke:    Tallied: lllll lllll

                        Frequency: 10/40

                        Percentage: 25%

Quantitative Methods

Teacher: William Boshuck

Project #2

Presented by:

Sarah Pinsonneault


Andy Patch

Handed in on Tuesday 26th of November, 2002

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Probability & Statistics section.

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