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MAYFIELD HIGH COURSEWORK Maryam Jan 10sas ` HYPOTHESES 1. My hypotheses are that boys are taller than girls in year 10. 2. Boys weigh more than girls in Year 10. INTRODUCTION The reason for my first hypotheses is that girl enter puberty quicker than boys so for this reason girls growth spurt is earlier on in girls than it is on in boys, but in the later years boys tend to catch up to the girl and in majority cases they outgrow them. The reason for my second hypotheses is that girls at a younger age make more fat as it is needed because of the way the girls has developed. She needs this fat because her body is getting ready top bear children. ...read more.


Random samples are then taken from each section of the population. Systematic sampling: If a sample of size t is to be taken from the population of size u then every t/u member of the population is to be tested. Every member of the sample is chosen at regular intervals from the list. A sample chosen in this way can be biased if low or high values come in a certain pattern. The starting point is chosen randomly. In order to test, my hypotheses I must take a sample from across a range of years. This is because the sample of year 7's must be in proportion o the size of the whole school. ...read more.


Then you choose certain clusters using random sampling. This method is called cluster sampling. The sample is then every member of the cluster chosen. Cluster sampling is very cheap but it can be biased. Quota sampling: This is a sample where they try to involve as much of the population as possible. It is a method often used by research companies. The interviewer will normally be given instructions but they then will be left to choose the interviewees. Attribute sampling: In this type of sampling you would pick your sample based in an attribute which is totally unrelated to the variable being investigated. SAMPING I WILL CHOOSE I will choose to use random sampling and stratified sampling because these will make the results less biased as possible and the stratified sampling will give us the exact of people we need to use. ...read more.

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