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Original Writing: Dramatic Monologue - Monologue of a Disturbed Personality

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Original Writing: Dramatic Monologue

Monologue of a Disturbed Personality

The light is bright. Too bright in fact. Oh, wait a minute it’s the walls and ceiling. This room is way too bright. The ceiling looks like it reaches to heaven.

        A doctor opens the door and walks slowly over to me.

“The Surgery went very well, Elizabeth” he said to me, dressed in his overalls that are as white as snow and the clouds up above that I long to see.

        “Please, Doctor………” I replied. He was so rude not even to introduce himself to me.

        “Oh…sorry…yes. I am Dr. Black,” he replied in a soft, yet strong voice. I replied instantly, “Err…yes Doctor Black I am quite aware that I told your fellow work colleagues that I hate my foul name and only my parents call me that. I wish for anyone else to please call me, Lizzie.” I paused for a minute the silence was unbearable.

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A few days went by. He came to see me each day to change my bandages. I told him about my family and he has about his.

He is here again changing my bandages.

“Lizzie…have you been following my instructions because I fear something is happening. “I am beginning to get scared.

“Doctor, what’s the matter…what’s happening…is it the operations…tell me…I want to know!” I asked continuously. He just stood there and stared at the ground for what seemed an age .Then he raised his head so slowly I felt drowsy by the time he said “I am sorry to have to tell you that your face lift did not go to plan”

“Why? What happened?” I started to panic, “tell me!”

“Don’t be worried now I am sure there is some explanation for this. I just need a sample”

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I have been sat here for two hours, the doctor has just returned.

“What are the results? Do you know the cause?” I looked anxiously. “The results are negative. We don’t know what caused it ……” I can’t hear anymore, its all just babble. My life has ended…its over. I am going to look like an old granny at the age of 33.

“Lizzie, Lizzie….I have to warn you, it could just be a delayed reaction but we just don’t know the cause. You are going to have to go about life as normal. The only difference is your face. I can offer you counselling.”

I have been discharged. The neighbours stare. A young boy came up to me and asked “Excuse me, do you want me to help you cross the road old lady?”

I am now dead the problem was that in the operation I was infected with the super bug that was unknown at that point called MRSA which didn’t show up on the sample.

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