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Scale of Production of signs.

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Scale of Production This sign is an example of a mass produced, cheap manufacturing cost sign. The reason for this sign being cheap to manufacture is that the sign is made out of steel or aluminium and also may have either a reflective vinyl for those used at night. This sign may also have a high-density PVC backing to it as it is a lightweight plastic that can provide a number of colours and is relatively cheap. This sign would need to be mass produced as this sign is very common and not very large. No special machines would be needed to make this sign and this further reduces the manufacturing cost of the sign. ...read more.


This sign is a one off sign as only one single cinema or attraction would require this particular sign. This sign would be expensive to manufacture as it is possibly made out of a range of materials and also makes use of lighting. There may be a high demand for advanced, expensive machinery required to create this particular sign. Other signs similar to this or in a company chain of cinemas may use the same template, but obviously would not want the same lettering of light on the sign. This sign is neither a one off nor mass produced sign. Instead it would be a batch produced sign and only a small number would be made. ...read more.


This particular sign would be more expensive to manufacture than a road sign, but not as expensive to manufacture as a one off cinema sign etc. Evaluation After covering this topic I have noticed that the cost of creating a sign is nearly always relative to the quantity of signs needed the same can be said for the scale of production. The more quantity of signs needed, the cheaper it usually is to produce, and thus more signs are manufactured in a short amount of time. Many factors can affect the scale of production of a sign, for example if a sign requires heavy, specific machinery to be required, then the scale of production is usually smaller, also if the sign shares the same template with another sign, then the scale of production is usually higher. ...read more.

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