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Statistical Analysis of Facial Proportions

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  • Essay length: 1428 words
  • Submitted: 11/07/2002
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AS and A Level Probability & Statistics

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Maths coursework

Statistical Analysis of Facial Proportions

The coursework task that I am following is S1 Task A.

The aim of my investigation is to find how beautiful the year seven pupils are in my school, according to Pythagoras' Theory that the more beautiful a person is, the closer the measurements of certain features of the body, to the ratio of 1:1.618.

The samples that I will take will be random samples of males and females in year seven.

The samples will be taken in the following way.

Each of the pupils in year seven has a number next to their name in the teachers' register. I will select random numbers using the random number generator facility on my graphic calculator, and the numbers that match up with the names on the register will be selected from the population and the submitted to the analysis.

I will select 25 people from the register at random and submit the same people to both measurements. If the same number is selected again, I will take the next random number as the next person for analysis.

The measurements that I will be taking will

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