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Using a Spreadsheet to Analyse Statistics

Extracts from this document...


Using a Spreadsheet to Analyse Statistics

In this tutorial, you will enter data about the number of goals scored by various football teams and you will carry out statistical analysis on the data.

1. Entering the Data

1. Enter the data as shown below.  


2. Some of the columns will not be wide enough.  To remedy this, re-size the columns or double-click on the intersection between the column headings.  See below:


Double-click here

3. Highlight the names of the teams and click the Bold button on the Excel toolbar.  


2. Using the Format Painter

1. Make the heading “Football Club” blue, bold and change the font to Brush Script (or another font of your choice). Make the font slightly bigger.

2. Make sure cell B2 is still selected and double-click the Format Painter button


                                     Format Painter Button

3. Then click once on cells C2 and E2, which also contain column headings. Adjust the width of the columns again, as necessary.  


4. Deselect the Format Painter button.

The Format Painter

...read more.



2. Click in Cell F4

3. Start the Function Wizard by clicking the button on the toolbar:


4. In the Function Category select Statistical and for Function Name select Max.


5. Click OK

6. Enter Goals


7. The highest number of goals scored (46) should now be displayed in cell F4

In cell F5 you want to have the lowest number of goals displayed. You can achieve this by using the MIN function:

8. Click in cell F5

9. Start the Function Wizard


10. Select the MIN function from the Statistical category and click OK


11. Enter the range Goals

12. Click OK and the lowest number of goals scored (9) is displayed in cell F5

5. The Average Function

In cell F6 you want Excel to display the average number of goals scored. You will do this by using the Average function.

1. Click in cell F6

2. Start the Function Wizard


3. Select the Average function from the Statistical category


4. Click OK

5. Enter the range Goals

6. Click OK and the average number of goals scored should be displayed in F6


...read more.


F9 increased to 10?  Why not?  This is going to take some thought on your part!

Hint: Select Name/Define from the Insert menu

6.  See if you can get Excel to automatically display a “Best Team” and a “Worst Team”, as follows:


Hint: the solution to this one is extremely simple!

7. Use the Rank Function to show the position of each team in the table.  


Hint to get you started: the formula in cell A4 is =RANK(C4,goals,0)

8.    Create some calculation formulas to show the number of goals scored by London teams, Manchester teams, teams from Merseyside, etc.

9. You can automatically sort the list of teams by creating a macro button, as follows:

  • You need to view the Forms Toolbar (View/Toolbars/Forms)
  • Add a button and label it “Sort List
  • From the Tools menu, select Macro/Record New Macro
  • Give the Macro a name and start recording
  • Sort the list and then stop the recording
  • Click the Right Mouse Button on the Sort Button
  • Assign the macro you created to the button
  • Finally, test your button and make sure it works


10.  How else could this spreadsheet be developed?  Use your imagination!

Page  of

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Core & Pure Mathematics section.

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