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‘Religious and moral issues are better dealt with in documentaries than in soaps’. Do you agree?

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R.E Coursework Part 4 'Religious and moral issues are better dealt with in documentaries than in soaps' do you agree? A documentary is a programme that educates you about different aspects of one issue. Soap operas are ongoing drama series that deals with issues that occur in real life but in there own fictional way. An example of a documentary is panorama, which deals with problems that people feel strongly about. ...read more.


But some people might say that soap operas deal with the issue better because they put the information in a exiting and interesting way. Documentaries are mostly on after the watershed, which means they do not get the information out to as many people, where as soap operas are on during the prime time so they get more watches and are able to spread the information out to a wider audience. ...read more.


But in the other point of view soap operas provide help-lines for people who have been affected by the issue after the program. In conclusion to this I think that both documentaries and soap operas are good at delivering the information. If you enjoy knowing the exact facts you should watch the documentaries but if you find soap operas interesting and informative then there is nothing wrong with watching these. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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