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21st Century Internet Traps

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Kuen-fu Chung Instructor Somer English 1A 24 May 2004 21st Century Internet Traps In 21st century, the Internet has become very popular around the world. Since technology has improved, many people can use the Internet at home. From the Internet, people can write or receive emails, get information from around the world, or chat with friends or other people in different countries in instant messages with clear voices and images that shorten the distance from person to person. Also, there is no time limit. One can use the Internet whenever one wants. In addition, it is very inexpensive, so it is a very convenient type of media. However, some companies or people set up a lot of traps through websites, emails, or instant messaging to advertise their erotic business or to commit crimes, so we have to be careful. On the Internet, people can see websites around the world. Recently, friend finder websites have become very popular. They provide stages for people to make friends. On the websites, people can list some of their personal information, for example sex, height, weight, pictures, or interests, so that we can search and make friends according to the information. We can contact them by leaving a message or contact methods in the websites, and people might contact us. ...read more.


I said, "Wow! You are so charming!" He replied, "Damn! Those were erotic advertisements." In addition, he had to make another account for emails and instant messaging, and he lost a lot of his Internet friends because of this case. Some might say that we can block their erotic emails by the email functions. Actually, we can only block their emails if they come from the same addresses. However, somehow, they can always send us emails using different email addresses. In fact, even though we can block them, the 1300 emails have already had enough power to make our email accounts fail. Even worse, one time advertising made nobody come to my friend's website again. My friend was a website creator, and he was also a college student. Four years ago, he made a game forum website, and it became very popular. One day, a company contacted him and asked him to put its advertising on his website, and they would give him one dollar per visitor. At that time, he needed money to finish studying his B.A. degree in Hong Kong, so he carelessly accepted the company's request. He linked the company's advertising. However, when somebody went to his website, about 50 pop-up erotic advertisements were coming out. This act scared many people. ...read more.


Therefore, the police couldn't do anything before the tragedy. In 21st century, people can do many things on the Internet. They can pay bills, shop, and deposit or withdraw money on the online banks or online shopping centers. Then, they use less time standing in long lines to pay bills or to deposit or withdraw money. These methods saved them a lot of time. It seems very convenient, but it conceals a lot of danger. I saw from the news that a lot of people were cheated of their money on the online banks or online shopping centers because the victims went to the virtual websites. For example, if XXX bank's website is www.xxxbank.com, the virtual one would be www.xxx-bank.com. That is really confusing. Also, those two websites look very similar. Some might ask if government can protect the citizens. If the people discovered they were cheated early, the government could save them. Otherwise, the criminals took the money, went to other countries, and hid, so the government has a hard time finding them. The Internet looks very convenient, but many people or companies create a lot of traps behind it. They took users' contact information from websites, and then sent the users their erotic business advertisement. Also, they commit crimes through websites and instant messaging. Therefore, if people don't want to be victims, they have to be careful not to provide so much of our information on the Internet. Chung 1 ...read more.

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