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A Beautiful Mind Essay. How the director shows the nightmare of schizophrenia.

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A Beautiful Mind Essay - Stage 1 English Bridget Lampard According to Dr. Rosen in the film, ?the nightmare of schizophrenia is knowing what?s true?. How are two or three techniques used to develop this idea in A Beautiful Mind? Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that does not allow its victims to be able to tell the difference between reality and delusion. This nightmare that they face is hard for people to understand and relate to. ?Imagine if you had suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments, most important to you, were not gone, were not dead, but worse, had never been?. Ron Howard uses a range of film techniques in A Beautiful Mind that allows the viewers to understand the nightmare that John Nash experiences. The use of dialogue, point of view, symbols and motifs helps to develop the idea of this nightmare. ...read more.


The use of the subjective point of view is so effective that the viewers feel completely broken when Nash realises that Charles, Parcher and Marcy were actually never there for him. The viewers feel broken because they themselves believed those characters to be true, all because of the subjective point of view used. This realisation is the nightmare that schizophrenia patients have to face. Howard creates important dialogue in A Beautiful Mind that helps the audience feel the same nightmare that Nash feels. The dialogue shows how in charge the delusional characters are of his life at the beginning of the film. The viewers always hear the delusional characters before Nash can see them, compared to the real characters where the viewers see them before Nash hears them. This shows not only the difference between reality and delusion, but also that the characters are in his head. ...read more.


Marcy symbolizes the unconditional love that John lacks and needs in his life. These symbols show the viewer how important these characters are to Nash, their existence in Nash?s mind is also one of the reasons he seems to sane in the beginning of the film. If these characters were not to exist, Nash would seem quite strange, lonely, quiet and under appreciated and this would never let the viewers connect to Nash the way they do in A Beautiful Mind. The symbols of the delusional characters develop the idea of the nightmare because when Nash realizes they are actually delusional, the viewers understand why he completely falls apart, and how much of a nightmare it is for him to face. Without these techniques in A Beautiful Mind the viewers would not be able to understand the nightmares that Nash and other schizophrenia sufferers face. The techniques show the difference between reality and his delusions and help the audience to feel for Nash?s nightmare. ...read more.

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