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A brief introduction of English journalism

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A brief introduction of English journalism The basic definition of Journalism is ??the collection and periodical publishing of news. It includes writing for, editing, and managing such media as the newspaper and the periodical. In other words, it means gathering, evaluating, and disseminating facts of current interest.? Here I would like to give a brief introduction of English journalism. The first newspapers appeared in Europe in the 17th century. The first regularly published newspaper in English was the Oxford Gazette, which first appeared in 1665. It began publication while the British royal court was in Oxford to avoid the plague in London, and was published twice a week. At first, to a degree, journalism was used by politic. ...read more.


Mass media is the means of communication that can reach many people at a time either by printed materials or electronic waves. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, radios and so on. Newspapers can be classified into two groups: the first one is tabloid, the other one is broadsheet. Newspapers are various in contents, typeface, design of pages and so on. A newspaper front page is the most important pages, because it can cause the reader's attention the most. In general, the English newspaper front page has the following characteristics: front page headlines, with a larger font for the title; almost all the day's main news arranged in the first edition; almost all the front page is matched with pictures; and the front page advertising is very expensive. ...read more.


America?s main news agencies are the Associated Press and the United Press. Reuters is the UK?s main news agency. Nearly 90% news contents are writing out based on interviewing .Also, people can get information from press conference. In order to collect more news, news agencies formed into shape. Generally speaking, when journalists report some sensitive content, using the words should be cautious. Otherwise, it is possible to break the law. Journalist should respect professional morality. They should aware that collecting and publish news not only to provide more valuable news, but also to build their professional morality. There are requirements for truth news. First, the news element of five should be exact; second, the news background material should be truth; the third is that the news explanation should be logical. ...read more.

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