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A Comparison of “the Song of the Whale” and “ a Black Rabbit Cies For Its Country”

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ROOPAL DHANOTA 9 JUNE 01 A COMPARISON OF "THE SONG OF THE WHALE" AND " A BLACK RABBIT CIES FOR ITS COUNTRY" In my essay, I am going to compare the poems, 'The Song of the Whale' by Kit Wright, and 'A Black Rabbit Dies for its Country' by Gavin Edwart. I noticed that the two poems were similar, because both of them are about animal cruelty, and they both highlighted the bad points. In 'The Song of a Whale,' there are two lines which are repeated twice which is 'Lipstick for our painted faces, Polish for our shoes.' ...read more.


The rabbit talks about how he has never seen the outside world, he tells us how he has been experimented on. There are also some differences between the two poems. In 'the song of a whale', the poem is from the writer speaking to the animal, whereas in, 'A Black Rabbit Dies for its Country' the poem is from the animals point of view. There are also more verses in the first poem than the second. In 'A Black Rabbit Dies for its Country', the poem has a rhyming scheme and has the rhyming sequence of ABBAA. ...read more.


This line is also from a famous author. I also like the line ' free on the earth, I missed it; though the glass' because the rabbit is telling us how he missed the real rabbit life, and how he watched it through the glass. Out of the two poems' I think both were really touching, but I would go for the poem 'A black Rabbit Dies for its Country' because it was in more detailed, and made me think of how rabbits suffer in the labs. ...read more.

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