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A comparison of Newspaper front pages from past to present.

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Ruosi Wu 10S English pg1 A Comparison Of Newspaper Front Pages From Past To Present The demands for newspapers are still increasing in the 21st century. Tabloid and Broadsheets are different types of newspapers on the market today. The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star etc... are only a few examples of tabloid newspapers. The Guardian, The Independent, Financial Times, etc... are newspapers that belong in the broadsheets family. The Sun, are the biggest vendors for Tabloid as it sells 10074 papers. The broadsheets biggest sellers are the Daily Telegraphy as it sells 2736. From figures of the 2 newspapers shown, I can clearly see that Tabloids are the biggest sellers. Newspapers in the 21st century have changed immensely since the 20th century. For example, the layout, font, language etc... Modern newspapers is a lot more attractive as it has more pictures, photos, and colour The language used are less formal, and the font is also varied. ...read more.


as it has a picture, the font is also varied so it is more interesting to look at, but also for highlighting imperative events. A more recent tabloid features the disaster of September 11. In comparison with the titanic tabloid I can clearly see a big change in layout, font, language, style, etc... The masthead "DAILY EXPRESS" is in bold capital letters so it stands out from the page, the picture of the disaster covers the whole front page of the newspaper to show the seriousness of the situation. The picture taken is at the site of disaster, were as previously the site of disaster was inaccessible, and the tabloid is also in full colour, this shows that modern technology has developed at great deal since 20th century. I have Ruosi Wu 10S English pg 2 Also noticed that newspapers now days seems to be more competitive, they do this by self-promotion or special offers, for example Daily Express features special deals. ...read more.


This type of story would normally classify as the most important story. But now it seems as if celebrities have taken over. Conclusion After comparing a number of newspapers of the past and present, I can clearly see a change in style, font, colour, layout, language etc...but the most important factor that has changed greatly is the audience, newspapers in the past are aimed more at Women and Men, but 21st century newspaper are more aimed at teenagers, as it features more celebrities than the main news it self, this is because there are an increasing number of younger readers than before, but that does not really matter as much now as it would in the 20th century, because there are other sources of news e.g. Internet, television, radio, etc... Many people has got access through the web, TV, radio etc...so they can always get news from there, this is mainly due to the growing technology. I think we are less dependent on newspapers now as we would in the 20th century. But Newspapers have still a lot to offer e.g. special editions, magazines etc... ...read more.

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