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A comparison of two different music magazines - Smash Hits and Select

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A comparison of two different music magazines - Smash Hits and Select Title The title 'Smash Hits' suggests that the magazine is full of music and is full of the latest 'hits' from different bands and musical artists. The word 'smash' suggests that the magazine contains new releases from different artists. The title 'select' suggests that the reader would want to 'select' the magazine because there is a selection of music inside the magazine. Inside the word 'select' are the two words 'total stereo' which suggests that the magazine is full of everything to do with music. Both titles are similar as they both have bold lettering although 'Smash Hits' is in capitals whereas 'select' is not. 'Smash Hits' is in a narrow font whereas 'select' is in a wide font. They are also different in colour. 'Smash Hits' has a black background around the title whereas 'select' does not. Photomontage The photo on the front cover of 'Smash Hits' is of Steps lying in a bed with the British flag acting as a duvet, ...read more.


This is because these bands are well known and many youngsters adore them. This can also be shown in Lisa, one of the members of 'Steps'. This is because the reader's representative of Lisa is that she is an innocent, ordinary, girl-next-time type of woman. 'Select' on the other hand is aimed at the middle-aged group, around 20 - 35 years old. This can be shown as not many youngsters know about 'Glastonbury' and the bands and artists mentioned on the front cover. These include bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Travis, Moloko and Fatboy Slim. Writing and Language The language on 'Smash Hits' is slightly childish but it contains alliteration and assonance phrases such as 'Best of British' and 'Non-stop Pop'. It is also simple to read due to the target audience that it is aimed at, and because all of the writing is in large bold lettering. The font of the title is bold to catch the reader's eye automatically with extra information down the sides of the front cover. ...read more.


Most of the writing is in capitals but is in a sensible font as it is not too immature for the audience. Music Representation The music represented in 'Smash Hits' is mainly chart and mainstream music. It has individuals from group's song as a social gathering rather than the expression of the individual. This is whereas 'select' represents a variety of musicians from as DJ's and dance musicians, to heavy metal. It is also representing 'Glastonbury' which involves a great deal of different musicians such as DJ's, heavy metal, dance, indie and other types of music. Layout The layout of 'Smash Hits' and 'select' are similar as most of the pictures are in the background and the writing in the foreground. 'Select' looks more 3D as there are some pictures covering the writing and some writing covering the pictures. Both front covers have extra information about the inside of the magazine down one of the sides. The title is labelled at the top of both front covers with some sort of additional phrase following the title. Media coursework- A comparison of two different magazines: Select and Smash Hits Neil Irwin ...read more.

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