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"A Knights Tale" - A review.

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"A Knights Tale" A review HE WILL, HE WILL, ROCK YOU! How could a movie that starts with 1000's of medieval peasants and nobles singing that, not be a hit? This is the way the writer/director Brian Helgeland choose to start his new film, set in medieval times, about a servant who aspires to be a knight and, as luck would have it, gets his unlikely and highly risky chance at his peasant boy's dream. Helgeland set it in the Middle Ages but scored it with modern stadium anthems, extreme modern music, up to date talk; in fact the only things that really differentiate this as a medieval movie is the set and costumes. This is very apparent as the movie starts. Out on the tournament grounds, a crowd of impatient spectators -peasants and nobles alike- stomp their feet in time, bellowing the chorus to Queen's "We Will Rock You". Some of them have painted their favourite knights' emblems on their faces like modern-day soccer fans and as we watch, the people at the back stand up and do "the Mexican wave". ...read more.


There are many fearsome jousting matches in the movie, all of them playing with perspective and camera angles so that the horses and their riders seem to thunder at high speed for 30 seconds down a course that would take about five, until one knight or the other unseats his opponent three times and takes the victory. In fact there are many fabulous scenes like that; hair raising, edge of your seat, gripping with fear ones. For instance one of my favourite scenes was when William's identity was unveiled and he was about to be beheaded. I for one, and I'm sure every other female audience member in the room was crying their hearts out, fearful for Heath Ledgers safety (yes, yes we all know its 'just a movie'). About a second before the blade comes hurtling down, the future King of England, Prince Edward, orders that he be released. This act of kindness is because in one the jousting matches, William acted as a friend to the prince covering for him as so that the prince would not be found out. ...read more.


And, the jousting/fighting scenes were very well done as well. Put that together with a little romance and a fantastic soundtrack and you've got yourself an entertaining and very well made flick. The director (Brian Helgeband) cleverly avoided the trap of the intense period films that are brought to us in the bucket loads and offered a fresh new and innovative movie, with its extremely modern outlook. Additionally, the modern music is superb, helping to create what is an extremely funny interesting and entertaining piece, which innovatively captures an old story in a 14th century setting with humour and wit. "A Knight's Tale" is an action-packed adventure with plenty of drama and romance mixed into a well-written script with some corny lines. However, when it comes down to the action, the suspense, the adventure, the lances and the sword-fights, you can not resist this movie, for every flaw there is an equally creative, original element to balance it. If you enjoy action, romance and comedy, you'll definitely enjoy "A Knights Tale", one of the most enthralling and entertaining films of the year. ...read more.

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