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Why We Fight, is a movie that examines the growth of the military - industrial complex as well as the reasons that Americans go to war. If asked the question, Why do you fight? most of us would give the same answer, for freedom and to st

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Military-Industrial Complex "Why We Fight," is a movie that examines the growth of the military - industrial complex as well as the reasons that American's go to war. If asked the question, "Why do you fight?" most of us would give the same answer, "for freedom and to stop terrorism," but Jarecki, the director of "Why We Fight," implores to us to dig deeper and introduces us to an America that is quite confused about their identity both at home and abroad. The film suggests that political and corporate interests are at the heart of the American's post World War Two warmongering. In my opinion`, "Why We Fight" forces our attention to the true purposes of the American government and to show us that the threat to the USA is from the inside rather than the outside. ...read more.


But, what I really find interesting about "Why We Fight" is that we see the words, thoughts and deeds of many American`s that have been touched in quite a personal way by the war. For example, one of the film`s most powerful devices is the use of lengthy interviews with people such as a retired New York City Police Officer who lost a son in the attacks of September the eleventh and a couple of bomber pilots who carried out the first air strike over the Iraqis. The bomber pilots fell great pride in their work for starting a war which I think is quite stupid because their pride has overshadowed their natural instincts of sympathy. I felt sorrow for the retiree because he had great pride in his nation but it was shown a cold shoulder by the Bush Administration and I`m sure he felt like a mere puppet rather than a person within the USA. ...read more.


Being a fan of history, I have noticed that great empires from the Roman to the British, apart from their greatness, share one thing in common: they lead to their own downfall. I think that we have to tackle America`s seemingly unstoppable war machine and make them change their tapestry of the past 50 years which compels America to continuously fight enemy after enemy. The first step in the process is the knowledge to citizens about the misallocation of power and I believe that "Why We Fight" has taken that first step in informing the public. We have to remember to keep persevering in the face of adversity. I think that the solution is simple: We have to prevent the strong from abusing the weak. 1 White, Deborah. Iraq War Facts. usliberals.about.com/od/homelandsecurit1/a/IraqNumbers.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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