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A report on the vast amounts of portable music systems.

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TERMS OF REFERENCE I'm producing a report on the vast amounts of portable music systems. I will also be comparing three different types of the same portable music systems. Mini Disc player > Net MD with built-in digital FM/AM tuner. > 32 x real-time music transfer > Easy PC editing with SonicStage software and USB connection. > Record from multiple sources (PC digital in, analog-in, mic-in). > Slim stick LCD remote control with tuner. > G-Protection jog proof. > Up to 48 hours battery life. > AC adaptor. > Rechargeable battery. > Size (H)74, (W)8.1, (D)2.8cm The Mini Disk player is a new type of technology that has been brought to the market. Mini Disk players store music on a small disk which looks like a smaller version of a floppy disk. Mini Disks are also compatible with net to download mp3s onto minidisk. You can store up to 80 minutes of music, but can made into less quality but more music onto one disk. ...read more.


Mp3 Players usually range in price at �100 - �250 CD player > Clam shock proof technology > MP3 playback. > CD-R/RW playback. > Speaker/charger stand. > High quality sound speaker. > Remote control with ID3 tag. > Mains adaptor included. > Rechargeable batteries and external battery case supplied. > Requires 2 x AA batteries - not supplied. > Size (W) 12.6, (H) 1.4, (D) 12.6cm. > Size speaker charger (W) 28, (H) 14.9, (D) 6.6cm. The portable CD players have now been redesigned to make it smaller and more stylish, as now of competing with small designs like Mp3s and Minidisk players. CD players are now using the small slim line battery to save space. This also has the remote control to track skip, volume increase etc. They can also now play CD-R/RW so they are also compatible with PC's in a way as long as you have a CD-RW. CD Players have superb sound quality with G-Protection jog proof to stop CD's jumping and cutting out. ...read more.


In my opinion the Sony D-NE1 is best all rounder as it may be very expensive compared to the others but is a very good small CD Player. It has incredible features as it had everything that I decided to compare to the other manufactures. I choose the most expensive from each manufacturer and Goodmans seem to do the cheapest CD Players but very basic. FINDINGS In my assessment personally in my opinion the Portable Mini Disk Player is the best technology, in portable music devices at the moment. You can store incredible amounts of music if you select long play. You can also store Mp3's from the internet using the cable via USB. They are also very small compared to the CD Player and the sound quality is just as good as CD unlike MP3 player. They are expensive but are a combination of both CD Player and Mp3 Player, so I feel that they are cost worthy because they can do a lot more compared to other music devices. ...read more.

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