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"About A Boy" is about a man - a handsome, rich, shallow, self absorbed, irresistible man - and the unexpected relationship he develops with a boy.

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"About A Boy" is about a man - a handsome, rich, shallow, self absorbed, irresistible man - and the unexpected relationship he develops with a boy he meets while trying to pick up another boys mother. Terminally single and ecstatically childless - "With fingers crossed I would end up single and alone". Will (Hugh Grant) a trendy 38 year old Londoner, spends his days buying new CDs, shopping for designer clothes and worrying about his Audi Coupe and his up-to-the-second hairstyle. The film is so predictable; it's very American-like. It is distributed by Universal Pictures along side Notting Hill, but this does not make it anymore of an American film. It's full of appealing distinguishing features that make it ever so British, ranging from the characters to the storyline itself. This film features a selection of individual British characters. Hugh Grant repeats his loveable, stereotypically "nice" Englishman that he introduced in "Four Weddings and a Funeral". ...read more.


Therefore bringing her to the cast, introduces the audiences with a fresh new actress - typically British. Hugh Grant was introduced through British films in the same way. This film follows some of the Romantic Comedy conventions; 1) Inappropriate Suitors: Will is a self absorbed typical male, but when he meets Suzie at the S.P.A.T class, he begins to genuinely fall in love with her. Although not in a romantic sense, both Will and Marcus are in some way suitors. They are the complete opposite from one another, not only in the age ranges, but in the way they live there lives; Will having everything he could ever want, Marcus however, being bullied and not accepted as "cool" at his school. Towards the end of the film, Will meets Rachel, who we immediately see is perfect for him. This is typical of British films; it is usually obvious to the audience who the main couple at the end of the film will be. ...read more.


It would not have had the same affect. This is why British comedy is so original, hilarious and most popular at the box office. The film pokes fun at distinct British related items such as "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and Christmas Number Ones - one was written by Will's dad, and he lives off the royalties of that one hit wonder. "About A Boy" is a well made romantic comedy. It draws us in to the lives of the individual characters making the film even more appealing. The message within the film is that money and a cool lifestyle isn't everything unless you have love. Will was not truly happy until he found Rachel, and Marcus until he found Will. Their future lives together look to be fine, yet the characters seem to ignore the fact that problem could arise within the relationships again. This film teaches Americans a few lessons about witty humour, clever storylines and unique, individual characters. The film leaves a pleasant feeling inside which is why I believe it was such a success. Beth Connolly Genre Essay - Mr Hodgkins 2005 ...read more.

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