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Adults and ICT.

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Adults and ICT Ajesh Mehta is a normal employee who works in a pharmaceutical warehouse. This basically means he puts the boxes filled with medicines in the right places and inputs the number of what they are and their details in Microsoft Excel on a computer that he has at his work. He then makes a report on that and gives it to his boss and the other staff members. He uses many technologies. I will list them below and explain how he uses some of those technologies and how it has affected his personal and working life. TECHNOLOGIES THAT AJESH MEHTA USE: * Mobile Phones * CD Rewriters * Personal Organiser * Internet * Laptop * Email * Digital T.V. * Microsoft Excel He says these technologies are a main part of his life and without them he wouldn't have been able to do his work and enjoy easily. Microsoft Excel Although Ajesh Mehta doesn't use Microsoft Excel personally but he mainly uses Microsoft Excel for work to do his reports. He says that Excel helps him to put his reports in their correct places very easily. Excel is like a spreadsheet and it is already set up in boxes; and unlike word in which you have to make tables and set them up in the size you want, which takes quite a lot of time, excel has everything ready for you. Before he started to use Excel, he used to have a lot of problems in a lot of different things. For example he always had to use scientific calculator to do all his calculations. But now as excel can do that quickly, he does it very fast. It used to take him about an hour to do all the calculation out the whole amount of time that he took to do his report, but now it only probably takes about fifteen minutes, out of the whole time. ...read more.


He only uses email for one reason at his work. When he has finished his work, he has to email his boss to say him that the work that he set has been finished and that he is waiting for further instructions. His boss then emails him back and then he does his further work. The problem for him by using this technology is that if he sends an email, it sometimes doesn't go as the server might be down or there can be many people on that specific website. So he has to wait quite a long time. Sometimes the problem happens that he boss is not online. Even though this hardly ever happens, but it does happen sometimes. He gets very annoyed with this. Sometimes the same thing happens to his boss as well. Only other alternative for this could be to use a Telephone. This would be quicker than email, so it would save him time and he won't have to stop every time he finishes his work. Although it would cost him money, it would at least be quicker. Personally he uses email to be in touch with his friends and relative. Every once a week he mails his parents and brother to ask how they and their family are. He emails them and gets a reply the next day, which is quite faster than snail mail. Although he keeps in touch with them via email, I would say Telephone would be much better for them. He could call them and talk to them in seconds while for email he has to wait a day for them to reply and sometimes the emails don't even get through. But the thing is that phoning those costs a lot of money, so even better than Telephone would be Messenger. This way he could chat to them, talk to them and even see them if he wants to. ...read more.


But as they say, there is always bad where there is good. This also has disadvantages like; we don't always get the way that we want and most of the time we don't get the shortest way. The most important use that he makes of the internet is online shopping. He shops online a lot for example, buying things like Printer Ink, audio CDs, and Computer Softwares etc. The advantage of this is that he can buy lots of thing through internet and he doesn't have to waste time to go to the shop and buy them. This just gets delivered straight to your houses. But the disadvantages are that your have to give your personal details to get them to your home. You have to put in your address and your credit card number which could get very bad. So by balancing both of them, I would suggest that he should go to the shop and buy them. Also by buying through the Internet, he would have lots of free time which would make him do unnecessary work or he will eventually get bored. Internet has affected his personal life because as you can clearly see by the examples, he has got a lot of use of the Internet. If he didn't have internet, I wonder how much money he would be wasting. By internet he has saved a lot of money. Although he has to pay �13.99 every month, he can get songs for free, get things delivered to his home which saves him his petrol money and he has lots of fun, so I would say it is worth having Internet as a part of our life. Conclusion In conclusion, I would say that Ajesh Mehta has found ICT greatly helpful in his life and I would wonder what he would do without these technologies. He would probably find his life very hard to cope with without these technologies, which has helped him improve his working style as well as his personal life. PRATIKKUMAR MEHTA Centre No.14334 Candidate No.0216 ICT COURSEWORK ...read more.

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