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Advantages and disadvantages of school children using the Internet for research

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Discuss the Advantages and disadvantages of school children using the Internet for research Over the last decade computers have been used more than ever before. The emergence of the Internet during the 1990's allowed educational research materials to be made available through websites. Many people now use the Internet as a primary source of information for their work however there are many sides to this argument and there are doubts whether this is advisable in all cases. There are both advantages and disadvantages of school children using the Internet for research purposes, these advantages are: * The fact that the Internet is an easy tool to use and, once the child has learnt how to use the web; they can use search engines to find almost anything. ...read more.


* There is a great deal of software available to stop unwanted sites, viruses or ads coming up, so the child could be trusted to use the internet without being in danger as long as they bear in mind that privacy is important and as long as they do not disclose personal information over the web. * You can get Current, topical information, such as news from around the world as the Internet is constantly being updated. * Also, there are many sites, which help children to study through the use of different media such as online Learning. Disadvantages include the fact that:: * Anyone can publish a web page to support his or her own intents and purposes. ...read more.


some relevant information * Not all information is on the Internet and so the subject that the particular student may be researching may have more to it than is shown. * There can be many people such as hackers etc. who are trying to access your computer whilst you are on a particular site. This is important to remember when using the Internet for anything. In conclusion, I would say that the Internet is very useful to schoolchildren (like myself) in terms of its research potential but one must be aware of its limitations and should follow sensible practise in using it safely and wisely. However certain points must be remembered to ensure that the research produced is true and realistic. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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