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advertising campagns

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All successful advertising campaigns have three major things in common: focus, flexibility and consistency. In today's marketplace, the competition for consumer attention is hard. Any advertising campaign that highlights these three things will be sure to get ahead. Focus; all campaigns usually begins with a clear focus. To determine a strategy and the message you want to get across, the target audience needs to be recognised and researched. It is also important that you are sure of the objectives that need to be achieved for the target audiences. An example of a good focus is the Murphy's campaign. In their campaign they wanted they wanted to focus on getting a message across that compared to Guinness, their drink is not as bitter and that their drink has the characteristics of easy going Irish personality rather than Guinness's high class characteristics. Flexibility; when working on the campaign, the main ambition is to create something that works on numerous levels and can be personalised to fit several markets. Successful advertisements are the ones that have long shelf lives but can also be updated as needed to remain fresh with out sacrificing the main message. ...read more.


Some creative strategies are use to promotes publicity, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. The three significant strategies that helps promote these things are weak strategies, middle-strength strategies and strong strategies. Advertisements contain these strategies could be found in radio, television, and magazines. Weak strategies Generic and pre-emptive strategies are the strategy that describes the weakest form of advertising. A generic (general) strategy gives a product attribution. When this strategy is used, the consumer does not really learn anything new about the product. Pre-emptive strategy is another form of weak advertising that makes a general claim stronger. Middle strength strategies Three forms of middle strength strategies are unique positioning strategy, brand image and position. Unique positioning strategy is used in advertising to persuade the consumer that something about the product being advertised is truly unique and different. Brand image is also another very common way advertisers choose to advertise. They do this by using a celebrity as spokesperson and they strive to create emotion and give a brand a personality. A good example is the L'Oreal advert for elvive smooth intense; the product is advertised by Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, this gives the brand a face people want to be. ...read more.


The main part of this target audience was housewives with children, as this is where Weetabix had great potential. The advertiser did a lot of things which made this campaign a good example of resonance advertising. Firstly, the adverts ran on channel four, ITV, GMTV and multichannel; they did this because these were all family viewing channels and they wanted to emphasis on shared family viewing occasions. Secondly, the advertiser created an advert that the consumer can identify with. They did this by using characters that were similar to their target audience. Examples of these are a young family, an older couple, some students and a young couple all trying different ways of to eat their Weetabix and talking about the benefits. I would say that this campaign worked really well and it's a very good example of resonance advertising and alongside the TV was a tactical press campaign around key sporting events such as Wimbledon and the World Cup, with relevant toppings such as strawberries and cream for the tennis and a St George's cross of yoghurt and strawberries for the football, helping to get more consumer without losing the main message that they wanted to get across to. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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