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After applying the client's minimum requirements, a prototype website has been successfully designed.

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Introduction: After applying the client's minimum requirements, a prototype website has been successfully designed. This report clarifies how does the website constructed and what tools have used to design the website. In addition, the report explains about the different type of media that has been used in the website. Moreover, the report shows the different between the actual website design and the current website design. Target audience and the website colours: The Orbit Mobiles website has been designed for those people who are interested in buying new mobile phones or purchase ringtones. Nevertheless, Orbit Mobiles web site is appropriate not just for those people who are interested in buying new mobile phones but for all visitors categories. In addition to that, the website provides some useful information about the shop location, opening hours and the shop contact details. Colours are one of the most important factors that designers have to consider when designing websites. The colours of the website are important hence, the colours will define the mood of the website visitors as well as they reflect the designer identity. It can be seen that the main two colours in the website are blue and yellow. The reason of choosing the blue colour is that the blue has considered to be one of the most calming colours which make the users relax. On the other hand, the yellow colour symbolize warmth so, using the light yellow will reduce the darkness of the blue. Besides, the yellow colour contrasts well with the dark blue and that is the most important reason for using it. ...read more.


In addition, text which is related to the web links (hyperlink) is standing out by a colour and underlining. Sound is different in kind from any other digital media that all the other media are visual, being perceived by the eyes, while sound is being perceived by the ears. Furthermore, sound perhaps is the most sensuous and effective element of multimedia that it is meaningful "speech" in any language (Tay Vaughan, page 202). Sounds have been used in both the introduction and the ringtones page. Moreover, the sound which has been used in the introduction page was edited in sound forge 6 to remove an unpleasant part. In the ringtones page, the designer had to put the rintones as a links which are going to be played in the default user player instead of asking the users to download plug-ins that some users do not have the plug-in which is required to hear the sound. All the media which have been used in the blue multimedia presentation are with permission, the permission is just limited to offline as well as educational issues. The web site Structure, navigation and the user interface: It can be seen that the Orbit Mobiles website based on a simple network structure (Mary .E S. Morris and Randy J. Hinrichs, page 137). Besides, the users navigate sequentially from one page to another that all the pages have been created carefully by a natural logic of content. One problem with that kind of the navigation, that the website has no standard navigational concept and as a solution of that; every page has a heading ...read more.


Furthermore, the interface layout has been changed many times due to some user's criticism. Moreover, the reason of replacing the background colour with a background image is that current interface has a limited text area while the original interface has a bigger text area. The actual idea of the navigation structure was a bit different as well from the current navigation. A hierarchical structure was about to be used but it has been replaced with a network structure; that in a practice most websites based on network structure and it is really rarely to find a website which uses hierarchical structure. In addition, to these two previous points, picking up the website colours and the text size were fairly difficult that the presentation's main colours have been changed several times according to some user's criticism. Recommendation if the designer had to start again: One of the enhancements which are required to improve Orbit Mobiles website is, to provide a home page that it can be seen that the website has no home page and as a result of that, a lot of users get confused. Furthermore, the designer will avoid putting great deal of text as it is really obvious in page About us. Nevertheless, the designer believe that pictures can say thousand words comparing to the text, but the case is slightly different in the Orbit Mobiles website, that the text is required to get the message across especially in the About us and in the phones pages. Eventually, the designer will add more help instructions to the website to guide the user while he/she is viewing website. ...read more.

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