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"All I Need" Analysis.

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"All I Need" Analysis We were shown a music video of the French Band AIR of the song all I need, directed by Mike Mills. For this work Mike Mills had the full agreement of the band, though they didn't really knew what he was doing. It was worth it. From the very beginning of the clip we get the idea, that the peace that we're watching something different from the low concept video clips that we usually see on TV. The video is on a wide screen format and the white subtitle. The wide screen and the white subtitles on the black background, that stand out make, the look cinematic and gives the audience the feeling that they're watching a foreign movie (the subtitles are in French as the clip was produced for the French public). The high concept of the video comes from the fact that the video sees itself as a film and a documentary. We don't usually get the chance to listen music, watch film and documentary in one, which is exactly what we do with "All I Need". This clip is not like the usual ones- the band singing, playing on their instruments and dancing. In "All I Need" the audience even don't get the chance to see the band- low concept videos with a budget of a Hollywood production. ...read more.


AIR are famous not for their look, but for their music, they made the music for Sophia Copula's film "Virgin Suicide". They are neither ostentatious, neither a type of band that will be promoting their new album on the TV. "All I Need" proves this and promotes AIR's image. The editing techniques are such important in the video. In the beginning after we see the girl talking about her relationship, Mike Mills uses David Hockney's images to establish the location- green grass and clear blue sky, which are related to only one place in the world- California. He uses pan shots of still and almost still images that look as postcards or photos, to show the audience girl's room and the suburban area that she and her boyfriend live in, using the most common details of the places. He also uses pan shots of still images and uses jump cuts. The voice over continues through the editing. The editing is designed generally slow, so that the action involves the audience and makes it observe, not get excited. In "All I Need" there are two main representations: the one of the place- California and the other, of the young people and their relationships. The representation of California as a dream location, but not because of the wealth, but because of the freedom is very strong. ...read more.


We also never get the chance to see their parents, which makes us believe that these guys live quite an independent life. And we never get the chance to see what they do for living, which makes us believe that they live without caring about money and wealth. They also represent the skaters' image: his got "Skateboarding is not a crime" on his T-shirt, they spend every minute they can skating, but that's not all- he teaches younger kids to skate, he promotes the way of living to them. This is life style that values music like numetal and punk they are laid back but also found of the danger. This is the Do It Yourself culture. The whole representation of the boy and the girl and their way of life is to promote the global youth image and make the audience (late 20's-early 30's) to desire to be the images that they see. The audience want to be them, even if they don't identify with them. It's because of the simple fact that everyone is jealous and wants to live their life and feel the love that they feel for each other. Our society values money, beauty and youth. Nowadays people just buy the identities, young free identities. This is a global culture; people just want to be young and free living. 1 Elena Hristova 12 JK AS Media Studies ...read more.

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